Give casual dating a try

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Although I know where it comes from, I’ve never quite understood the worldwide trend of traditionally monogamous relationships. In my personal view, it’s restrictive and doesn’t really suit the nature of human sexuality. If you’re looking for a cure to the common monogamous commitment but don’t want to reinvent the wheel, why not try casual dating instead.

Although people have been doing it for the past 300 years or so, casual dating is still the second, third or sometimes fourth option for some people.  When it comes to dating, we’re essentially doing open tryout for your heart’s and genital’s life team. In order to find the best players, you’ve got to be willing to try out a sampler platter rather than ordering one dish at a time.

People often forget that monogamy is a human creation. Every animal has ways in which they mate and couple. We aren’t any different, except we have the ability to discuss and consider the possibilities of doing it some other way than what we’ve always seen and thought was best.

For a lot of people, the biggest barrier to trying a new relationship style is that they don’t know how to start. For casual dating, it’s easy: just start.  Flirt, ask people out and fuck around. Don’t set goals, but expectations are fine.  Enjoy the moment for what it is and enjoy the person for who they are.

To find people, get out of the house and into a local bar, museum, coffee shop and chat someone up. If you’re socially awkward in person but the most entertaining man/woman/adult baby/in-betweener in the world, then, of course, online dating is the option for you.

When you’re casually dating online, you could find someone near/like you or you could find someone hallway around the world/unlike you. If you’re American, hop on some UK adult dating sites. You could also find someone outside your race, social strata or religion. The goal of casual dating is to get the best out of sex and companionship. Trying something new will make sure you’re getting the best out of casual dating.


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