Queer pron power team Shine Louise Houston & Jiz Lee live on LTASEX

I know we just wrapped season one of Let’s Talk About Sex in Dec. but I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen your smiling, horny faces. Luckily for you, Let’s Talk About Sex’s hiatus is really just an excuse for me to make it better. By better, I mean spinning the interview/chat portion off into this brand new show, LTASEX Live! Don’t worry Let’s Talk About Sex will be back in a few months. For now, enjoy this brand new flava all in ya mouf.

For the premier episode of LTASEX Live we’ve got a bit of an orgy on our hands. To help me discuss everything queer, I have my co-host for this episode LTASEX’s fat, queer femme Kytara Epps of “Pegging: Great for a man, fucking awesome for a woman,” fame. Our guests, queer porn power team Shine Louise Houston and Jiz Lee.

In this episode we cover a whole lot of stuff from developing our queer identities to the socio-economic divide within the queer community. Despite the serious topics, we keep it light with Shine’s story of how cleavage made being queer the only option. It’s a great episode, check it out above.


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