Get sex toys on the cheap (wholesale, too!)

Even though I love them, I’ve always felt sex toys simply cost too dang much; that’s the main reason why I buy so few of them. Sure, some are great, but so many of them are utter junk and I’m not here for tossing away my hard-earned duckets.

I’m generally happy to buy the things I want, but rent is still due on the first and I prefer housing to orgasms. Plus, finding deals it’s one of my hobbies. So, if I'm going to buy sex toys, they better be a great value. Luckily, I run LTASEX and people reach out to me with solutions to all sorts of problems. Usually, I ignore them but, no lie, Deals Machine is blowing my freaking mind with its low prices for sex toys and free shipping. So, I figured I had to share.

Deals Machine is one of these newer sites that ship products worldwide directly from China. It tends to take longer but pricing is always amazing and you can find a generic of almost anything you need. According to their site, shipping to the US, Canada, and Australia will take 7 to 14 days, which is better than what I get on stuff I buy in a similar way from eBay.

I took a look through all their sex toys and it seems like most people should be able to find something to fit their needs. Like they have those jeweled metal butt plugs, furry tail plugs, various borosilicate glass toys, wands, and vibrating masturbators.

I’m definitely going to be buying their largest butt plug; it’s 2.44” wide, silicone and includes a suction cup base for $11. I'm also feeling the ToT Vase style masturbation sleeve; it vibrates for up to 2 hrs with it's rechargeable battery and costs less than half of a Fleshlight. Don’t forget about that free shipping.

They do have BDSM stuff, which is what I mostly care about. They don’t really have like extreme BDSM toys, but the selection is comparable to your average sex toy distributor. So, they have under bed spreader bars, cuffs, blindfolds, cotton rope, connectors, carabiners, etc. They also sell whole body and hog tie restraints for under $11, which is an amazing price.

They also sell feminine lingerie, but TBH I feel like they’re missing a stellar opportunity to get in on male sexy clothes. Gay boys and chubby men in general are in desperate need for something like this. *hint hint*

Now, I haven’t personally purchased anything from Deals Machine yet and they are paying me to publish this. Still, I think what and how they’re selling is dope. I use this method of shopping all the time and find some stupid deals with a little patience and a discerning eye.

China has manufacturing on point, despite what FOX News would have us believe. Plus, with the crazy low prices and free shipping it’s very low risk to give it a try if they have something that appeals to you.

Oh, also they sell more than just sex toys. Like Deals Machine offers a wide range of tech devices, clothing, video games and more with wholesale prices available on larger quantities. If you see an LTASEX store pop up soon, you know where I’m getting my stock.

Keep it sexy,


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