Gender-neutral sex toys you should check out

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Many people simply look at a sex toy and assume it’s not for them. Sex toys are often marketed for one specific gender or type of sex but most are way more versatile than they seem. This list checks out some of those fun, gender neutral toys that may be just the thing you need.


Tomboi by SpareParts Hardwear

Price: $76.00

Tomboi by SpareParts Hardwear is a strap-on dildo harness modeled after super comfy men’s briefs. Since they’re styled like undies it can be used for packing or playing.

I fell in love with Tomboi the first time I used it to peg my lover. I was curious the first time he pulled it out because it looked like another pair of his briefs. He showed me how to put my dildo inside of the O-ring and as soon as I slid them on, I smiled.

A few minutes later, I was breathless and couldn’t stop gushing about how awesome it was. I was amazed at how fun it was to use. Tomboi fit my body snugly, which kept the dong from moving around while I thrusted and stimulated my clit. It felt freeing to not have to hold   anything to sustain my motion. Also, it’s made out of a machine washable poly/Spandex blend so it was easy to clean up.

Overall, of the strap-ons I have used, Tomboi is now my preferred style. It makes me more confident in my pegging skills. I’m looking forward to using it for afternoon quickies in his office. 

For another option, check out RodeoH Boxer Harness.


Icicles No.31

Price: $25.00

Icicle No.31, produced by Pipedream for their value-conscious glass toy line, is a royal blue double-ended dildo. It’s made from borosilicate glass, the generic name for Pyrex. It has a curved shaft with a bulbed tip on one end and a ribbed handle on the other. It can be used for g-spot and prostate stimulation, as well all sorts of penetration. Also, like all glass toys, it’s great for temperature play.

This toy had me addicted from the second it touched my pussy. At first the cool temperature of the glass felt good as I worked the curved end inside. Then I got it to hit spots I didn’t even know I had. I made the most erotic sounds as I used it to caress my walls. My only gripe: the handle could be longer; I’ve often ran out of handle when diving in deep.

It wasn’t until I started using this pleasure wand that I found out I could squirt. I put down a towel to keep from soaking my mattress and I suggest you do the same; a Shamwow might be a better idea. This is definitely one of my all-time favorite toys. Nothing gets me wetter faster. Nothing hits all my spots like this wand and nothing else will do.

When I use this with my lover to milk his prostate, I am confident both end of this will make his his toes curl.  I think couples looking for multi-orifice penetration should give this a try.

For another option, check out Don Wand Glass Wand’s Pleasure Wand.


Iconic Bullet by JimmyJane

Price: $16


The Iconic Bullet by JimmyJane is a simple white plastic waterproof bullet vibrator. It has three different speeds and operates with the push of a button. This vibe is a perfectly discreet addition to my sex play.

I had my first experience with this iconic bastard at a house party. My partner pushed me into an upstairs bathroom. As he lifted my skirt, I heard a faint vibrating sound over the thumping music downstairs. As he pressed this small, but powerful vibrator against my clit, I wailed. He had me biting his fingers and scratching his arms.

Since then, I’ve used it during all sorts of sexy times and can vouch for its versatility. Unfortunately, it is not great on batteries. On its highest setting, it only gets about 3 hours of power and requires three watch batteries to work. On the bright side, it comes with a one year warranty so you can get a new one if it dies.

If you’d like extra stimulation during your play, for any part of your body, I suggest using this as a travel-friendly option. If you need something for penetration, this isn’t for you; it’s small enough to get lost in any orifice.

For a longer lasting option, try the Lelo Mia 2



L’Amour Silicone Probe

Price: $26.99


The Silicone Probe by L'Amour is a traditional black butt plug with a suction cup base. It’s made from soft, high quality silicone. It has a tapered shape that is ideal for warming up before anal sex or bigger toys. Whenever I put the L'Amour in, it is a smooth transition from tip to base. That taper allows for me to stay relaxed when inserting, which is much easier than taking a larger size all at once. Like all silicone toys, it’s body safe and easy to clean.

I got this plug because I loved the feeling of having my ass filled while being fucked or having my pussy eaten. The strong suction cup is great for sticking on the wall in the shower or to a flat surface. I love to leave it in while I am on the computer.

It’s small-ish base allows for easier access but this is also a downfall. After I’ve had an orgasm, this toy has been sucked inside of me! It’s cool if you plan to hold on to it or stick it somewhere but you need to make sure it doesn’t get lost.

If you need a toy to warm you up before anal or give you that nice and full feeling, I highly recommend L’Amour Silicone Probe. If you’re looking for something that milks your prostate, this isn’t it.

For a plug with a wider base but smaller body, I recommend using Lil’ Man by Doc Johnson

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