Fifi penile masturbator review - Inexpensive, versatile, definitely worth a look #SexpertApproved

Bottom Line: With its discreet design, simplicity, travel ability and stellar price, Fifi is a welcomed addition to the male masturbation toy market and my bedroom. Although the single-use sleeves will get expensive over time, it’s a small investment for a great travel companion or rare treat. If you want to use it sparingly, with multiple partners, with a vibrator or only when you travel, Fifi also is a fantastic option.



What: Penile masturbation sleeve

Price: $15.95 (device + 5 sleeves), additional sleeves 89 cents to $1 each

Materials: Latex (sleeves), polyester/spandex (lining), PE foam (padding)

Dimensions: 7.75 inches long, 3.5 inches wide

In the boring world of penile masturbation devices, I’m always game for something to shake things up. As an owner of several Tenga and Fleshlight units, I’m very familiar with the benefits and faults of these devices. Fifi is a welcomed addition to the market, but it’s not quite a game changer. Even still, I really enjoyed what it offers and would buy it if I traveled more.

Fifi is essentially a rolled-up fabric pad sealed with Velcro. It’s an amazingly simple idea, but holy fuck it’s cool. Its simple utilitarian design didn’t thrill me aesthetically, but it’s far from ugly. Also, I appreciate the value/function/design of the whole package.

Fifi is easily the most discreet sex toy I’ve ever used. Rolled up without the sleeve, I don’t think I’d notice it isn’t a neck pillow. So, if discretion is important to you, this might be your best bet.

To use Fifi, you simply take an unrolled sleeve, lay it in the unrolled Fifi with some sticking out the top, roll it back up, then pull the top of the sleeve over the unit. It works a lot like an internal condom, but these sleeves shouldn’t be used that way. Although if you have an internal condom, you can use it instead of the Fifi sleeves.

The Velcro strip that keeps it rolled up is about 1.5 inches wide, which allows you to customize the tightness. You also can squeeze the fabric body to make the sensation more of what you like to feel. For more customization, you could probably trim back the foam pad or add some extra fluff inside to make a customized fit for your penis. Yet, me (5-inch circumference) and my guy (7-inch circumference) fit in it comfortably by just adjusting the Velcro.

The fabric body is surprisingly stiff enough that you can use it like plastic-bodied masturbators, but still manages to feel great. On your penis it’s not a lifelike feeling but it feels very good. Although, if you want to replicate putting your penis in a human, there are better options. Even still, my finicky penis didn’t need time to adjust to the sensation; it liked it right away.

Another unexpected benefit of the fabric body is the ability to put a vibrator inside the Fifi body without that really fucking annoying clicking sound you get on plastic masturbators. This is a big benefit.

As you use it, Fifi absorbs and reflects your body heat like a coat. As it warms up, which it does way better than all the other masturbators I’ve tried, it feels more lifelike and receptive, somehow. It may be a mental thing, but it made the experience way better for me. In fact, it started to feel a lot like anal, which is my favorite.

Because it’s made out of fabric, you can just wash Fifi when needed. Yet, because it uses disposable sleeves, you won’t have to do that very often. Even still, my biggest gripe with Fifi is the use of disposable sleeves; sure, there’s nothing to clean, but it’s very wasteful.

At their cheapest, the sleeves will run you 85 cents each in a 50-pack and $1 dollar each in a 5-pack. If want to use this frequently, one-time-use sleeves will get expensive quickly and are bad for the environment. You could rinse out the sleeves, but spending a little more for something with a permanent sleeve probably will be a much better choice.

Other than the expense of the sleeves, Fifi is surprisingly inexpensive at only about $16 to get you started. So, you’d have to buy the 50-pack of sleeves to reach the cost of a basic Fleshlight and two 50-packs to reach the cost of a Tenga Flip Hole. Since I’d recommend about 2-3 years of use on a Tenga or Fleshlight, when using Fifi once a week, the value proposition for Fifi is pretty solid.

Note: I got this review unit for free along with a fee for my work to review the product. Even still, I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t like it. My reputation and your trust in me is more important than money.

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