Fetish Fantasy Gold: Pleasure Paddle by Pipedream - Review

Fetish Fantasy Gold: Pleasure Paddle by Pipedream

Bottom line: If you're looking for a sharp or stinging sensation from a paddle at a decent price, Fetish Fantasy Gold: Pleasure Paddle by Pipedream might be just the thing.


Fetish Fantasy Gold: Pleasure Paddle by Pipedream

What: Paddle

Price: $14.99

Material: faux crocodile leather

Dimensions:  length 10”, width (paddle) 4”; (handle) 1.75”, weight 2.5 oz


Turn ons

Pleasure Paddle by Pipedream is well designed overall. I mean, I don’t usually go for faux patent crocodile leather but it does definitely stand out among the sea of boring matte black impact devices. It's not the best looking or most gorgeous paddle I've ever seen but it's far from ugly.

The texture on Fetish Fantasy Gold: Pleasure Paddle by Pipedream isn't half bad

In the hand Pleasure Paddle very light and easy to wield. The thin body and two-finger width of the handle would fit comfortable in the hands of most people. In my big mitts, the dainty size didn’t feel too small. Also, the little hang strap/handle makes hanging on to it very easy.  

When taking the Pleasure Paddle to my man’s backside, it provides a nice stinging sensation. Since the body and handle are rigid, it also provides a solid thud. The sound at impact is a sharp snap. It’s very satisfying in a silent room but almost inaudible when there’s music playing. 

The build quality of Pleasure Paddle is actually better than I would have thought. On the unit I received, there weren’t any loose stitches or binding. In the month I’ve been playing with it, it’s held up well. The small area that isn’t reinforced and rigid has softened but the rest of the body has remained snappily hard. The seams haven’t started to part and I get the sense I could have it for a couple years.


Turn offs:

I wish Pleasure Paddle was a little longer. It’s easy to control, but I like a little more distance in my spankings.

Although the design is good, some different colors (i.e. not black, pink or white) would give Pleasure Paddle a more appealing and modern look. 

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