Erectile dysfunction isn't a big deal

Guys, you know that moment when you’re about to get it in, your horny as all hell but your dick is just not cooperating. No matter how long they suck, tug and tease, the old bitch can’t even muster a half salute. It fucking sucks and – in that moment – you feel like shit. A bout of ED is big deal and can kill your sexual confidence but should it? I don’t think so.

I’ve already told you folks about my experiences with depression and ED. When I’m feeling down, everything goes down and stays there. So, I’ve experienced and understand the embarrassment and disappointment.

The moment when you realize your little buddy just ain’t gonna work is embarrassing as fuck. It’s sort of like falling flat on your face when trying to do a backflip and sometimes it feels way worse. When you’re looking a night of flaccid dick, your mind can get away from you. You get tunnel vision and you forget that ED happens.

Erectile dysfunction is common as hell and your partner knows that. Every single man will deal with it at some point in their lives and, if it’s only once, you are lucky. Since you can’t avoid ED forever, you’re just going to have to figure out a way to deal with it.

In lieu of hiring a musician to sit in the corner and play sad trombone, choose to laugh it off. If you don’t let it ruin the moment, it’s unlikely your partner will let it either. If they do, don’t fuck ‘em. You and your dick don’t need their judgmental bullshit.

Instead of moping when your cock calls it quits, have a chuckle then flip right in to making your partner cum some other way. Even if they’re disappointed that your cock is out of commission, they’d still love it if you spent some quality time letting your tongue do the work. Like TLC said, “if you ain’t slangin’, just put yo’ tongue in it.”  

Hand jobs are still fun. Mutual masturbation is still a thing. How about getting tied up and spanked? Hell, if you’re daring you could even try out a routine for Puppetry of the Penis.

The idea is let your penis guest star on this episode of Knockin’ Boots so your mind can reconnect with your body and let the blood flow. Most of the time, your anxiety about losing your erection is what’s keeping it away. If you relax and have some fun, you might find that your erection may not be so elusive after all.

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