Dogging: An evolution of exhibitionism, voyuerism

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Recently, I came across word "dogging" and had no idea what it was so I figured I’d give you all a quick overview. Dogging is a British word for sex outdoors, but it’s a little more complicated and sexier than that. It’s in the same vein as exhibition and voyeurism but it’s more like an organized spectator sport.

Apparently, people who plan to go dogging reach out on websites and phone apps to let people know where they’re going to be and even plan group bangs. Much like gay male rest stop hook up and cruising culture there are plenty of places off the beaten path for people to fuck and get watched.

If you're worried about people getting a little to fresh, that doesn't seem to be an issue. From what I can tell, the culture seems to be pretty respectful and fun.  There's a chance someone could record you, but I would suppose that's part of the fun.  

Of course, as with all fringe sex culture, there are now plenty of websites offering up “amateur dogging” videos for a fee. Where there is a desire, there is a dollar and a safe way to enjoy voyeuristic pleasures. As a guy who loves watching other people have sex, I would love for this trend to hop the Atlantic to these American shores.

In fact, it’s been here for quite a while, we just don’t call it dogging, we call it Folsom Street Fair and Mardi Gras. With dogging though, there aren’t any beads, just consenting adults getting it on in public and enjoying some kinky fun together.


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