8 creative incognito options for your sub's leash and collar

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When it comes to obedience, consistency is important for your sub, slave or human pup. For a lot of Doms, masters, pup owners and tops, that means being able to display your control and ownership at all times. If your sub usually is collared or on a leash, being without these items can make both of you very anxious.

Unfortunately, walking slaves, subs and human pups around in their proper uniform isn’t really going to sit well with people in most social situations. These tips will help you maintain your control and display your ownership incognito. You might be surprised by how much kinky sex shit you can get away with in public if you get creative.



Holding the subs’ hand is a great substitute for a leash. To most people, it’s just a doting gesture. To you, it’s your way of making sure your sub/pup/slave doesn’t get too far away.

Consider buying a Bluetooth earpiece for your sub. Most of these only work within 30 meters of the device it’s connected to. If there are obstacles in the way, the distance is shorter. If you play music and have them stay close enough that the signal is clear, they will have to stay within eyeshot.

For the parent with a wandering child, there exists an electronic leash. Simply select the distance and attach the transmitter to your sub (on a belt/backpack, in a purse, etc.) and hold onto the receiver. When your property/companion gets too far away, your receiver will alert you via chirps, vibrations, blinking or a notification on your phone.

Hold onto the things they need. If you have their wallet, purse, phone, etc. they have to stay close. Alternatively, if they have your things, they damn well better stay close to give it to you at any moment.



Try buying a chain-like or leather choker or necklace and attaching a locket, military-style tag or some other personal symbol of ownership/protection/affiliation.

Using your bodily fluids to mark your territory is always a great choice. Before you go out, have them orally service you and wear the remnants all over their mouth. You also could piss or spit on them. Maybe they have to wear your jizz socks.

You could have a T-shirt made up that says “property of …” or something similar. Actually, Beyoncé (I’m convinced she’s Jay-Z’s dom) sells shirts, underwear and some other items with the words “yours” and “mine” on them. There’s a ton of other options, but those are completely explainable as a pop culture item.

Writing your name on your belongings is a great way to make sure your items are easily identifiable. You don’t have to write it on their face, but the vulva, penis shaft, breast, butt and under the foot — think Woody in Toy Story — are all good options.

What are some options you've found? Let me know in the comments below!

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