Courtney Trouble's 'Trans Grrrls' know how to fuck - Review

Most of the time when you see trans girls in porn it’s some crazy gonzo/exploitation bull. Is that all that trans girls are? No. Trans girls are real humans; they get Starbucks, take strolls through city parks and ferociously finger each other in public at Folsom Street Fair.  Well, at least in Courtney Trouble’s punk powered Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now! they do.

In case you’re wondering, Courtney’s girls also like to put fingers (and strap-on cocks) into other orifices, too. They’re really a versatile bunch with many interesting and kinky sex lives. Whodda thunk?

Opening up this 2+ hour slutty, sex-positive, gender-queer fuckfest is the aforementioned Folsom finger bang.  But it doesn’t end there; when the street gets a little too crowded, our friend Chelsea Poe is whisked from the streets of San Francisco to Maxine Holloway’s place to finish their decadent play session.  Once they’re safely out of public view, it’s all a blur of strap-ons, anal sex and orgasms. Good times.

Now that I think about it, pretty much the whole movie is a blur of strap-ons, anal sex and orgasms. I mean sometimes the strap-on is a bio-cock and sometimes the orgasms are gushing, but it’s pretty much all one long, rough, passionate play date, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

One of my favorite scenes in the film is one of the kinkiest. It starts off innocently enough with Tobi Hill-Meyer and Quinn Cassidy sweetly kissing and laughing. Next thing I know, they’re slapping each other around and getting rough with a thigh-attached dildo. It’s wild and energetic and reckless and fucking hot.

While sexy in its own right, the scene between Emma Claire and Dylan Ryan is my favorite for a non-sexual reason.  Now, I loved that one because through an extended strap-on fuck session, Dylan is resting her head next to an LP by one of my favorite bands Gossip. There’s something so satisfying about seeing Beth Ditto’s queer-loving face watching these two hot dykes fuck each other’s brains out until Dylan squirts all over the floor.  It touches me in my post-punk heart.

One of the reasons I really love Courtney Trouble’s porn – even though I’m a pretty vanilla cis gay guy who has only exclusively fucked other cis men – is the fact that it feels so personal. When I’m looking at her porn, I feel like I’m looking at sex through her eyes and because she loves, I love it.

Seeing that record front and center made me realize that just because I’m not an angry teen anymore I’m still a rebel (I say from behind a keyboard). But seriously, in my buttoned up, downtown duplex apartment bubble, I forget that just talking about people having queer sex is still taboo. Being brave enough to celebrate queer sex is punk as fuck and I love it.

Overall, Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now! is sexy, fun, cute, rough, nasty, raunchy and definitely worth a watch. Come for the hot sex stay for the passion, in front of the lens and behind it.

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