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As a youngin' I cared a lot about fashion but got fatter and felt dejected by a lack of options. Now that I'm 32, still fat but now have lots of free time and money, I've been working hard to find something to throw my fat boy cash at. These are some sick ass options for y'all to do the same.

 Some don't have sections so I've filtered sizes from 2x and above where possible.


 One of the best ways for you to make this list longer is to go on the Instagram page or product page of your favorite brands and ask them if they make your size. You can be asking a rhetorical question but simply asking and having several people ask will spur them to get something done. A lot of the smaller brands, like the company I run, the butters hygienics company, are highly consumer responsive. If you want something, you tell them and it's likely the person whose livelihood ultimately rest on their ability to move product will see it. Even with some of these larger brands the social media usually goes directly to the top, if the brand is personality based.


The Big Shops



personally this is where I go for the vast majority of my clothing. The prices are insanely good. The return policy is great. If you have a store locally you can get things delivered, try it on in store and return it immediately if it doesn't fit. they also carry big-name American brands that you know and love. Which makes it easier to trust the products even though they're low price. I often find that you can get some things exclusively there.



I don't really stop here myself but they have a decent selection. good choice for higher-end or dressy clothing if you don't want to shop at the traditional King Size Direct or whatever.



I don't shop here. Don't like the website. But it is another option.




Beware of their pants tune to not fit well on guys with tall butts. I'm a black guy with a big old butt and I've always got like two to three inches of butt crack pouring out the top. However they are large tall shirts tend to be the most well-fitting - least dress like.



recently Walmart has become a bit of a destination for clothing. At time of writing there over eight thousand pieces of clothing available to me in my size which is 4X. they also own bonobos which is mentioned earlier, ModCloth, and a few other places. They also are one of the largest retailers in the world. So while their clothing might not be the most stylish or high quality. It is perhaps the most accessible out of everyone on this list.



Unbeknownst to me Target recently got their stuff together and are now offering up to 5X LT.


American eagle

You know what they only go up to 3x + 46 waist so do your best.



Heading home from the zoo, still comfy in my clothes after a hot day with lots of walking. The right clothes can make or break a day.

Heading home from the zoo, still comfy in my clothes after a hot day with lots of walking. The right clothes can make or break a day.

I don't necessarily like their clothes. But they're available and stylish.


Smaller Boutiques/Brands


fat marker clothing

They make cute queer shirts. I'm into it. Tlhey go up to 5X.



Everything is in stock usually. But it's all made to order. So there is a slight little longer wait time for delivery. But if you just want to add one of their units to your collection, it probably won't matter all that much.



Never purchased from here myself. But I did really like their offerings and pricing.


One Bone Brand

Shirts to fit curvy men. Pricing is a little high but these shirts are a totally different cut and styling than the boxy crap sold most places.


Relentless betrayal

3x max available but they will custom make sizes up to 5x confirmed, perhaps higher.



They also have a tall section which I will not link to because their pant size is only go up to 40 waist.



Some sick ass street clothes. Lots of cool collaborations with pop companies. All around up website. Although I think this is an Asian brands are some of their sizing might run a little small.


Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova's website is kind of a mess. So I've linked you to their coming soon section. things change out on their website frequently and it's best to stay on top of things but you can go further on their website yourself.



Reason clothing

They have lots of clothes available up to 3x but I was unable to find anything larger. This link takes you to their new releases at that 3x large size. You can adjust the sizing on that page and explore further from there.



At the time of writing they only go up to 2x but I've spoken with them personally and they say they will have 3 & 4x available by summer 2020.




This company frustrates the hell out of me. They go up to a size 4X but only in certain sizes and they order so few in the larger sizes that they tend to sell out quickly. For example, the Instagram ad that got me on to this page said that it went up to size 4X. I clicked through only to find out that the singular size that's sold out is 4x. Ugh.


River Island

Excellent Website. Lots of refined options. Gives me Burberry meets Ralph Lauren.





The Winston Box

They keep advertising to me on Instagram. But I don't really do boxes. If you're interested go for it.


12 Grand

this one's kind of a novel idea. It's just a monthly subscription box for shirts. It's luxury streetwear. $35 a month. Delivered around the world. Seems pretty cool. Never use them but definitely worth a look.

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