Consent: manifesting desire - Let's Talk About Sex

People like to talk a lot about consent and what that means in terms of sexual assault. Yet people rarely discuss consent and what that means in terms of sexual attraction. Yeah, consent is permission but it’s also the manifestation of sexual desire and the heat of passion, which is why consent is so damn sexy.

The game of finding someone who wants to have sex with you is tough. If you’re not horny at the right time and in the right place, it may never happen. Most nights at the bar or cruising online will end in disappointment. Yet, it’s all worth it for that moment when you finally find someone and they want you with every ounce of their being.

When you look into someone’s eyes and all you can see is hunger, you know that their going wild with arousal. You know their blood is flowing fast, their skin is awake and on fire, waiting for your touch. You know that they want you so bad that their mouth waters imagining your lips and their thighs quiver as you get closer. That moment, that’s what consent is all about.

Consent is true sexual power because power is about more than control. Power is not just about what you can do, it’s about what you can convince people to do or want you to do. Anyone can force someone to have sex but it takes skill, charm and some arousing assets to make someone actually want to fuck you. When you’ve done that and you know that their body is yours to play like a Stradivarius that’s when you’re really in control.

When someone one gives you consent, then and only then can you have control over their mind and body, the whole of their being.  In this moment of desire, they’ve consented to let your fingers control them like a marionette. They’ve given themselves over to pleasure; they’ve given themselves over to you.

When a person chooses to lay down with or get rammed in a bathroom stall by you, they are vulnerable to your every whim. You knocked down their walls with a smile and now you get to knock their lights. I told you consent was sexy. 

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Your STDs fears are overblown

Don't get me wrong, STDs are common. They are there. They are something that we get, like the flu, but you know what else? They are not a big deal. 

Female condoms are fucking awesome!

Female condoms get a bad rap. People complain they’re awkward, unsightly and unsexy. I used to buy into the bad PR, but after some quality first-dick experience I can definitely say female (internal) condoms are pretty fucking great. Besides the extra cost, they’re my most favorite new thing since blow jobs. 

Lucky Bloke saved my ass, literally

Sometime in 2013, I was contacted by the people behind online condom retailer Lucky Bloke. They wanted to send me some samples to see if I liked what they had to offer. While I did, in fact, really like their vibe, especially compared to some design challenged competitors, I never got around to doing a write up. Eventually, it slipped my mind completely, until a few weeks ago when I was the real lucky bloke.

Check your vagina or gynecology is your friend


Facing a first-time visit to the gynecologist is daunting, but the visit becomes a simple walk in the park when the doctor presents you with something far more frightening: the possibility of losing your uterus.

This isn’t just another boring parable told to ensure pubescent girls get their check-ups; it was my unfortunate reality. Skipping lady exams isn’t a lesson you can afford to learn on your own.  Trust me.   

Best lubes for anal sex

If you have been interested in doing things to your butt, you may have looked into buying a lubricant. Now that’s a wise decision. Since the anal cavity does not provide its own lubrication, adding lube is a great way to provide comfort and safety to your butt.

Pregnancy scares make you reevaluate things

Pregnancy scares: They happen. Whether you were positive the condom didn’t break or your contraceptive of choice was fully functional, they are a piece of the unexpected consequences of sex. In any case, let me tell you about my personal run-in with a pregnancy scare.

I caught oral gonorrhea - Let's Talk About Sex #32

Yeah, I caught oral gonorrhea. It’s sucks but here’s my story.

I went to a sex club and work up a few days later with something gnarly in the back of my throat. I immediately went to the doctor and got tested for everything...

"Your pussy should smell like pussy" - Talking about feminine odor

Feminine odor can happen for various reasons from infections to STIs/STDs. But, most often, society’s misconceptions about vaginal hygiene are what lead women to believe they suffer from feminine odor when they don’t. As someone who has battled with feminine odor, there are ways to prevent, treat, and live with the issue, if you’re suffering from it at all.

Consent: manifesting desire - Let's Talk About Sex

People like to talk a lot about consent and what that means in terms of sexual assault. Yet people rarely discuss consent and what that means in terms of sexual attraction. Yeah, consent is permission but it’s also the manifestation of sexual desire and the heat of passion, which is why consent is so damn sexy.

Everything you really need to know about sexually transmitted infections, diseases

Although STIs/STDs are the main focus of most sex education, most people have absolutely no idea about what they’re actually at risk of catching or about what they should worry.  How the hell can you make a smart decision about taking sexual risks if you’re unaware of the risks you’re accepting? So, today, I’ve got a gorgeous way to learn about each of the STIs/STDs you need to know about.

Erectile dysfunction isn't a big deal

Guys, you know that moment when you’re about to get it in, your horny as all hell but your dick is just not cooperating. No matter how long they suck, tug and tease, the old bitch can’t even muster a half salute. A bout of ED is big deal and can kill your sexual confidence but should it? I don’t think so.

The pooper plunge:  a prudish straight girl’s thoughts on experimenting with anal sex

For those of you who have never asked a group of people what their thoughts and feelings are on anal sex, I have one word for you:  beware. I ventured this query recently and I received a *cough* butt-load of responses. Where I went wrong, I think, is questioning my most prudish friend first.

All about ovulation: everything you need to know about female fertility cycle

Ovulation is the cycle of egg (ovum) release from the ovary. Don't forget about the maturation of the eggs in the ovary. Each undeveloped egg (oocyte) is matured inside a follicle, hence the name: folliculogenesis. Think of a follicle as an oak barrel for liquor or wine: It keeps the good stuff in until it's ready.

Your pussy, your period: a no bullshit guide to menstruation

Menstruation happens to hundreds of millions of women everyday. Yet, most people don't know jack shit about it. So, I put together this guide that's thorough-yet-short and clears up a bunch of bullshit misconceptions about your period.


Crazy electrically spun nanofabric condoms are awesome

The condom as we know it may be heading out to pasture... hopefully. You know, I’ve always thought that condoms were in need of a revolution. Besides a few changes in materials, it’s essentially the same invention from ancient times. Luckily scientists are working on that problem.

How testosterone effects your sex drive

What can I do to boost my testosterone level so I can have a desire for sex and have an erection?

Blow Jobs = Oral Cancer. WTF? (Sexpert Wisdom)

Blow jobs = oral cancer. WTF?


You either love it or hate it, but do you know what it is really? I was asked and I didn't so I put this together for you.

For those who don’t know what semen is… Semen is the ejaculate of male mammals. Its main purpose is to transport sperm to the awaiting egg of a female mammal for reproductive purposes. That’s how it’s supposed to be used, but we all know that the large majority of the semen ejaculated by humans ends up on a towel at the bottom of the laundry basket instead of a vagina.

So what's it made of?

How to redefine your sex

Sex has to be the most complicated word in the English language. It probably has about 6.4 billion definitions, which is roughly equal to the amount of people angered by the ending of every M. Night Shyamalan film. 6.4 billion Definitions and smart money would still wager that none of those comes close to really answering the question of “what is sex?”

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