Best lubes for anal sex

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If you have been interested in doing things to your butt, you may have looked into buying a lubricant. Now that’s a wise decision. Since the anal cavity does not provide its own lubrication, adding lube is a great way to provide comfort and safety to your butt.

There are multiple kinds of lubricants: Water-based, hybrids (a mix of water-based and silicone) and silicone (my personal choice). Warning: Oil is NOT safe. Do not use oils in your butt.



We all have a preference for how we take it or give it, and the same goes for the lube we use. You may like the lube thicker or slicker or easily removable. Hopefully I can help narrow down your choices and get your booty set with something wet and slippery.




Water-based lube:



Pros: Latex safe, not as a thick as silicone, washes away with water, less expensive, safe with silicone toys.


Cons: Absorbs into skin, needs to be re-applied, tacky when dry, washes away with water.




Hybrid lube:




Pros: Latex safe, easy to clean with water, silky feeling, do not get sticky.


Cons: Rinses away with water, light fragrance, may need re-applying.



Silicone lube:




Pros: Latex safe, slipperiest, do not wash off with water, no taste, no smell, never sticky, longest lasting, hypoallergenic.


Cons: Difficult to rinse off (use soap and water), not safe with silicone toy, no taste, no smell.





Billy’s top picks:




Water-based lube:

Maximus. A thick, jelly-like, water-based lube that is great for anal toys that are not silicone safe.



Hybrid lube:

Liquid Silk. A silky feeling hybrid lube that is awesome for rubbing into a booty.



Silicone lube:

Uberlube. A thin, silicone-based lube that feels like it’s water-based but has all the awesomeness of a silicone.





Remember, the best lube is the one that works for you. Generally, though a silicone lube would be best if you’re fluid-bonded. For everyone else, a silicone/water-based hybrid like Liquid Silk or Spunk Lube Pink should do the trick. 

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