Bathmate Hydromax X30 - review

When I got my first “luxury” sex toy, I was struck by the device’s high build quality. The materials were great, it was put together well and had a level of polish you don’t see often its category. More importantly, it got me off like no other toy had before. After trying out the Bathmate Hydromax X30, I’m feeling a similar joy all over again but it’s not without its faults.


Bathmate Hydromax X30 (Also applies to the bigger Hydromax X40)

What: Water-based penis pump

Price: $159.00

Materials: Plastic, silicone


Bottom line:  Without a doubt, Bathmate Hydromax is the most polished, well-designed, easy-to-use and we’ve reviewed on LTASEX. While it does have some issues, it’s quality, gold-level performance/results and overall value make it a great investment for pumping enthusiasts.


Turn ons

When it comes to penis pumps, what matters most is performance. Thankfully, Hydromax excels in that area. Unlike every other pump I’ve tried, Hydromax delivers very natural looking results. Most of the time, pumps only effect the top third of my cock. This time, I pulled my cock out and it’d gained both length and width from the tip to the base. It gave my cock the chubby, meaty appearance that I love.

Bathmate has made a name for itself being the first water-based penis pump on the market. It was smart move then and remains its best feature.  With this water-based suction approach, Hydromax delivers even suction power, with much less discomfort than air-based models. Since water is much denser than air, it also makes leaks slower, less annoying and much less frequent. This is a major plus if you don’t shave or trim your pubes.

While you can use the Hydromax in the shower and without water at all, I really enjoyed using a pump in the tub. The warm water made me relaxed and felt great in the tube. It also made me less likely to move and break the seal. Plus, it forced me to take a relaxing bath, which made the sex I had after feel amazing.

In general, penis pumps are one category of sex aids that simply can’t break free of their use. I mean, how does one make a penis pump look like something more? That being said, I’ve got to give it to Bathmate; Hydromax is certainly the most well-designed and simple-to-use pump we’ve reviewed thus far.

In the pumps we’ve reviewed previously, they all had this rather cheap ring grasping your cock. It’s supposed to keep the suction in the tube but they don’t work very well and usually made me nervous it was going to hurt my dick. Thankfully Hydromax forgoes that design mistake and performs better for it. The angles base sits comfortably over your groin and manages to get a much better seal.

Unlike a lot of penis pumps that have 4-5 switches and buttons to operate the device, Hydromax only has 2 buttons: a quick pressure release and a button to easily adjust the pressure. Instead of a hand pump, it’s relies on an accordion looking plastic section at the bottom to increase the pressure. To increase the pressure, just push the device toward your body. Also, there’s no hand pump or pressure gauge to make you feel like you’re sticking your penis into a pneumatic drill.

Although I got a blue Hydromax unit, they do sell clear and red models. The red one looks gorgeous.

The price for Hydromax is higher than I would like to pay but I feel the quality of the device is worth it. In the months I’ve had this pump sitting around waiting to finally review it, I’ve dropped/knocked it over a number of times. Yet, when it was bath


Turn offs

Although Hydromax is well-designed and easy-to-use, the button used to adjust the pressure quickly is rather difficult to press. When I was trying to find the official Bathmate website (, I came across an affiliate network site that had a note about the valve’s difficulty. I didn’t think it was bad enough to cause complaints, though.

Some people may find that putting pressure on their groin is uncomfortable. I didn’t have a problem there but found I had to use a lot of force to make it pump, which some people may not like. Regardless, Bathmate does offer a Hydromax X30 Extreme; that comes with a hand pump and should make for an easier pumping experience. If you’re already paying for the quality, you might as well get the full package. 

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