Bathmate Hydromax X30 Extreme penis pump - Review


Bottom line: Bathmate Hydromax X30 Xtreme – much like it’s not extreme brother – is one great pump. It’s a got the same fantastic build quality and performance but the added accessories that make this model “Xtreme” make this great pump even better. They’ve even managed to correct many of the issues I had with the non-extreme model. The main downside with this one, though, is the price. If you’re a pumping enthusiast, though, it’s probably worth the investment.


Bathmate Hydromax X30 Xtreme

(Also applies to the larger Hydromax X40 Xtreme)

What: Water-based penis pump

Price: $299.90

Materials: Plastic, silicone


Turn ons

Bathmate Hydromax X30 Extreme comes with a ton of accessories

The big story of the X30 Xtreme is that it has everything you need to use and maintain your unit for a while. Included in the rather large box: X30 Xtreme unit, hand pump, hose attachment, cleaning brush, lube, storage case with lock, towel, comfort insert and shower strap. While I found myself only really using the hose and hand pump regularly, there was something nice about having the whole package when needed. They actually become rather necessary after a while. If you’re planning to buy the hose and hand pump for a non-extreme model, it’s probably better to just get the entire deal at once.

Like its non-extreme brother, Hydromax X30 Xtreme offers stellar performance. It still delivers very natural looking results. That includes the even, gentle pressure and quick, throbbing increases in length and width. I also still got that chubby, meaty appearance that I love.

Bathmate has made a name for itself being the first water-based penis pump on the market. It was smart move then and remains its best feature.  With this water-based suction approach, Hydromax delivers even suction power, with much less discomfort than air-based models. Since water is much denser than air, it also makes leaks slower, less annoying and much less frequent. This is a major plus if you don’t shave or trim your pubes.

While you can use the Hydromax in the shower and without water at all, I really enjoyed using a pump in the tub. The warm water made me relaxed and felt great in the tube. It also made me less likely to move and break the seal.

X30 Xtreme carries the same simple, high quality design as the original X30. That means no cheap, painful ring grasping your cock. Once again, the angled base sits comfortably over your groin and manages to get a much better seal. Also, the X30 Xtreme has a longer internal insert connected to the base, which makes pump way less awkward and more controlled.

Unlike a lot of penis pumps that have 4-5 switches and buttons to operate the device, X30 Xtreme still only has 2 buttons: a quick pressure release and a button to easily adjust the pressure. It still relies on pumping the according like bottom to increase pressure but it also includes a really convenient hand pump. So, you can press device toward your body or you can hold it firmly against your groin while using the hand pump. I found the hand pump to be much more comfortable and controlled. That one addition alone takes this model to a new level of ease.

Even though you can use the hand pump, you might still want to use the device alone. Luckily, the “comfort insert” makes that kind of pumping much less anxiety inducing. With it inserted, the accordion base won’t fold or buckle. There’s no sudden over-pumping either. The insert helps to control the amount of pressure you can get per pump. I’m not sure if the accordion part is any different in this model but it did feel softer and more able to move.

My biggest complaint about X30 originally was its difficult to press release valve. With the inclusion of the hand pump, that’s not so much a problem. It’s also difficult to over pressurize with the hand pump. It helps that the pump has a convenient quick release mechanism of its own, which is much, much easier to use.


Turn offs

As with all the Hydromax products, the price for Hydromax X30 Xtreme is higher than I would like. If you want to have all accoutrement that comes in the pack, it is a good deal. The extra cost comes with an added bit of luxury that makes the extra cost seem justified. I just personally couldn’t afford it.


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