How to master the art of eating ass

 Noted analingus lover Nicki Minaj

Noted analingus lover Nicki Minaj

Intro to eating ass

Your bootyhole is a mysterious and fickle, but beautiful creature. Just like the vulva/vagina and penis, the anus is equipped with many nerves. Also, just like your other sensitive parts, your anus enjoys a bit of oral loving. So, why not give it what it wants in the best way possible.

The term is called analinguis, similar to its pussy counterpart, cunninlinguis. You may know it by the slang terms, “rim job” or “salad tossing.”

While it may be popular in gay porn, anyone with an anus can partake in this lovely activity. All you need is a willing partner(s), a tongue and an open mind. It’s not as complicated as a vulva, but there are tips that you lovely folks can use to make sure your partners’ toes curl in pure ecstasy.

Butt Hygiene is important

Now some people are squeamish about putting their mouths of someone’s anus. But, proper butt hygiene makes the anus no less sanitary than a penis or vagina. You’re probably saying, “but poop!” Yea what about it? Look, you’re not putting your tongue up someone’s rectum and their small intestine, you’re licking skin. As long as your partner has properly showered and cleaned, you will be fine.

If you are still squeamish or embarrassed about your booty, you can cleanse your ass with an enema. Other ways to get over your hygiene fixation is performing a rim job in the shower. That way you both now know the booty is sparkly clean. Safety is also important; you can use dental dams or even saran wrap to help minimize your risk of STI/STDs.

The booty doesn’t really have a taste, if it’s clean. Remember, just like other nether regions of your body, it sweats. Just rinse off before letting someone rim you. It tastes like flesh to me and does not have a smell.


Use the anal anatomy

When performing a rim job, it’s important to remember that there are other parts of the booty-area that make rim jobs feel great. The perineum, also known as the “taint,” is the area between the genitals and anus. I like to call it “Glory Road.” It’s an erogenous zone for everyone, no matter what you’re packing. While teasing the anus, put pressure on the perineum with your knuckles or massage it with your fingers.

While your tongue is busy eating the booty, don’t forget to use your hands; it ain’t called a job for nothing. This provides dual stimulation for your partner. Also, in my experience, sometimes your tongue gets tired. So, don’t be afraid to take a tongue rest and do some manual action. You can also lighten the load by having your partner stimulate themselves while you go to town on their ass.


Other fun analingus tips

Be sensual with the booty. Tease your partner by kissing, biting and licking their butt cheeks. You can also pinch, grab, smack and caress the butt cheeks in order to calm them and get them more aroused. You don’t have to dive right in. Take time to build-up to the rim job. Kiss their thighs and perform oral on their other genitals. This will make you and your partner more comfortable and get into your zone.

Remember to try different movements with your tongue. Don’t be shy, you can use your whole tongue or tease your partner with small licks and darting of the tongue on the anus. Also spreading the cheeks and stimulating the area around the anus will put your partner into booty bliss.

Remember to have fun and be consensual. If at any point you or your partner becomes uncomfortable with the act, stop. Rim jobs are no weirder than other oral sex acts. Just like other forms of oral sex, rim jobs can also help ease you and your partner into other sex acts like anal penetration. 

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