April Flores' new site fulfills all your Fat Girl Fantasies - Review

Bottom line: Fat Girl Fantasies is a great site that delivers fat girl smut without fetishizing them. The $30/mo. (or $120 for 6 mo.) cost is a lot to ask if you're already on a budget. However, if you want to support quality porn featuring a diverse selection gorgeous chubby women loving their sex, get those credit cards ready – this is exactly what you’re looking for. 

I will be the first to admit that I love big women, especially ones who are confident in their bodies and sexuality - bonus points if they're queer and at least a bit socially woke. So naturally, when I was asked to review Trouble Films and April Flores’ new site, Fat Girl Fantasies, I was very interested and erect.

Courtney Trouble and the Trouble Films family produce my favorite indie porn. They make smut that's body-positive, non-exploitive and showcases many kinds of beautiful people in a respectful way. The question wasn't whether I'd like the content (of course I did) but instead is this site worth the price of admission?

Fat Girl Fantasies is subtitled “The Filthy Life of April Flores,” but there are a great assortment of performers featured – including Kitty Stryker, Cinnamon, Jade Rose, and a heap more.

As you can probably guess, the content focuses on these fat models and their sexual fantasies. The photo galleries available during the sneak preview are incredibly hot. They don’t reinvent the porn wheel, but definitely hit all the right spots. The videos are the real attraction here, though.

The videos available during the preview range from 10 to 30 minutes and feature a ton of diverse bodies and sexual tastes. My personal favorite features Jade Rose dominated hard by Courtney herself. Yet, the ethereal setting and incredibly hot sex between Flores and Isiah Maxwell in their scene makes it notable and rewatchable, too.

The thing that truly makes these videos fun though is that they marry the enthusiasm of amateur porn with professional production values. When April puts a dick in her mouth, you know she genuinely desires it to be there – so do I – and she looks beautiful doing it.          

I love to a lot of variety in my fapping material and blazed through all the preview content in a short amount of time. So, if you need to have new material every time you unzip your pants, you might go through your current options quickly. Yet, the quality of their unique offerings and the promise of what’s to come should be more than enough to satisfy fat girl lovers.

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