7 incredible nuggets of poly wisdom from Cunning Minx (video)

Back in Feburary, I sat down with poly expert and host of the Poly Weekly podcast, Cunning Minx. We had a great time and she gave plenty of great advice for making the best of your poly relationship. Seven days after our interview, I entered into my own poly relationship and failed to edit it – until now. 

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In this episode, we talk about how to identify some features of an unhealthy relationship – poly or monogamous.

Healthy relationships can be one of the most fulfilling part of one’s life.  Unhealthy relationships can be the spark that blows one’s entire life to bits.

While most unhealthy relationships won’t be that explosive, they may simply be greatly damaging to our confidence or emotional stability. That alone, is reason to make sure we maintain healthy relationship habits. 

In this episode, we let all the poly perfectionists off the hook.

So many people think there’s one right way to do poly relationships. In truth, there’s simply no one singular way to do poly to guarantee relationship success.

Poly relationships are just as made-to-order as monogamous ones. You’ve already chosen to have a poly relationship in a monogamous world. Why would you then hold yourself to harmful and imaginary standards of poly behavior?

In this episode, we discuss the importance of communication in managing expectations in poly relationships.

With so many desires, emotions and needs in polyamorous relationships, making sure that everyone on the same page is imperative. Cunning Minx offers her expertise and personal experience to help you navigate the choppy waters. 

In this episode, we discuss how monogamous relationships can rekindle that new relationship energy in long-term relationships.

While it’s true that NRE isn’t forever, that doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. There are plenty of ways people can shock their relationships back to life. From manufacturing fear to simply deepening your intimacy can help you rediscover the mystery and excitement in your partner. 

In this episode, we let our sensitive sides out and explore the beauty of new relationship energy in poly relationships.

Having recently had my first NRE experience, I know all about how vulnerable-yet-invincible the sensation can make you feel.

For some, this is an incredible ride that they love to take over and over. In fact, it may be their main reason for being serial monogamist or loving poly. But this isn’t true of everyone.

In this episode, we extoll the virtues of open, honest communication in poly relationships.

Although there’s no right way to do poly, many successful ones have many of the same features – like open, honest communication. Making sure to do it often is a great way to keep it going and make it easier with time.

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