6 reasons to hire a sex worker


Whatever your moral stance on sex work, at the end of the day, it’s a job where people are paid pre-negotiated wages for specialized labor. Sex work is the most pervasive profession for a reason: acquiring human connection is essential for life. While it’s unlikely the average person would die without the help of a sex worker, there’s still plenty of great reasons to hire the right professional for the job.

So, for those who ask, “why would someone pay for sex,” I wanted to offer a few scenarios where hiring a sex worker might be the very best solution available.


You want to get sex like a cheeseburger

Sometimes, you just need to cum. Sometimes, you just want to mindlessly eat vagina. Sometimes, you just want to stare into someone’s eyes and feel their presence. Sometimes doing the work to experience those things is not an option. Sometimes, myself included, you order a pizza to be delivered when you’re a 93 second walk from the pizza place.

Sometimes, you call up a professional to simply remove the barrier between you and the thing you want. If the professional is the thing you want, all the better.


You want a specific kind of connection without judgement

There’s a difference between professional escorts & babes who have sex for money. Escorts and other sex workers pick their specialties, usually because they love it and have a knack for it. If someone’s advertising to help with a specific fetish, kink, role, etc. they’re probably going to give you a great time. Even if it’s not their specialty, a good sex worker will do their best and that’s more than you can expect from a lot of volunteer sex partners.


The game of “Will they like me?” is just too much

As long as you’re not abusive, even the most annoying, awkward or self-conscious person can find a sex worker who makes them forget about their short comings. When you go with a sex worker, you know that if the money’s good and you treat them like a human, the chances of you being rejected go down to almost zero. For a person who’s not made to handle the violent rejections of everyday dating, that’s a major win.


You want a threesome without screening unicorns

Threesomes are a common fantasy. Yet, for some people, finding the right person to make their threesome happen is scary, difficult and nigh impossible. If you have the funds to make the fantasy happen without all that drama and in a way that’s customized for you, hiring a professional third will be a great option.


You value quality

Pros are professionals; they know what they’re doing and make more money when you have fun. The better sex they offer you, the more likely you are to return. They want you to have a good time, whereas even our partners will slack off from time to time.


You need personal training

Learning how to have sex is an awkward formative experience that most people fumble through blindly but they don’t have to. Sex workers have experience and wisdom to share with you. They can offer you lessons in an afternoon some people take years to acquire. If you could avoid all the fumbling and launch into real adult sex having been mentored by an expert, there’s really no reason not to. You’d never say no a driving lesson before getting your license.


There are tons of other great reasons to see a sex worker; what are some you can think of?

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