6 incredible reasons to slow down your sex


When I started putting my penis in other people, I had one goal: destroy. I wanted to lay down the best dick game by banging like a jackhammer. While it worked, it came with a bunch of drawbacks.

Thankfully, though, I soon realized a slow stroke felt just as good and didn’t leave me in a sweaty mess.

When I slowed things down, I actually found I enjoyed sex more. Sure, jackhammer fucking is fun to do sometimes, but slower and more deliberate sex just has so many more benefits.


It’s relaxing as fuck

Fast sex is a drag race. Slow sex is a Woodward Dream Cruise. All you have to worry about is keeping the rhythm and variety going. You can zone out and let the bliss take over. It’s better than any massage.

You can feel more

Fucking fast feels great, but when you stop and smell the roses sex, you get to take it all in. They get to feel every millimeter of cock as it slides in and out. You get to feel every nook and cranny of their warm, slick, welcoming insides. It’s a completely different sensation and experience.

The pleasure can last longer

While there are some people who can handle having their ass, mouth or vagina pounded at top speed for extended periods, most can’t. Slowing down will prevent that uncomfortable burning or soreness from ruining your fun. Also, this will give their holes time to warm up, making it easier to bang away later if you need it to orgasm.


When you slow down you get to feel more, but you also get to pay more attention to your pleasure. It’s hard to think or focus when you’re running. When you walk or even jog, you don’t have to focus on the mechanics of doing the thing as much. Instead you can look around (and inside) to find the mind/body connection that people always talk about.

Harder erections (bio cocks)

When you fuck fast, your blood gets pumping more than usual — relative to the high rate caused by sex in general. To do it takes a lot of energy, endurance and focus, which makes your body anxious. Anxiety is the No. 1 cause of flaccid cock syndrome; it distracts you. Usually, you’ll just notice that your cock becomes a little more spongey than usual. This often leads to your head becoming anxious, too. Slowing down will help prevent all of this.

No porn expectations

Porn star, gut-busting sex is hot to experience and to watch. Luckily, though, all the theatrics are unnecessary for great sex. You can just do what’s more natural and comfortable for your bodies and have just as much fun.

How do you prefer your sex: nice and slow or hard and fast?

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