59 most pleasurable body parts

When it comes pleasuring the body, most people stop at the genitals. While it can be incredibly fun to stimulate the genitals, there are so many more places on your body that can provide you pleasure. Some of them have even been said to create more pleasurable sensations than what’s between your legs.

Here’s a more comprehensive list of the places on the body everyone should be trying out. Even if something sounds a little odd or unusual, you might be surprised how much you like it if you give it a try.



Hair – Pulling or simply running your fingers through someone’s hair can be an almost meditative experience.

Scalp – This area is very sensitive and rarely gets touched. Yet, a scalp massage can be as relaxing as yoga.

Nape – The back of your neck is a great place for anything from a gentle caress to a lick, kiss or bite.

Ears – Both the hard and dangly (or not, depending on your genetics) areas are a great place to lick, bite, kiss, caress or pull. Also, a little moaning sounds awfully nice.

Throat & neck – Kissing, licking, biting or sucking this delicate and vulnerable area can be a fantastic sensation. If you’re advanced, a choke or solid grasp might be hot, too. 

Cheek – A gentle kiss is always in style.

Lips – Whether it’s a gentle kiss or solid bite, the lips are very sensitive and love to be touched.

Chin – While not usually super sensitive, a bite or kiss is still recommended.

Tongue – Taste means a lot, and our bodies are often delicious.

Mouth – Put something like a finger, nipple, penis or labia in there — your mouth likes it.

Nose – Take a big whiff of all those mind-altering smells and chemicals wafting from the body’s various parts. Candles, incense and other smell-good stuff is also a good idea.

Eyes & lids – A strip tease or some porn will give these a delight. Also, a kiss on the eyelid can be gentle and loving.

Brain – Try depriving it of a few senses like sight or sound and the rest will perk up, making touch, smell, and taste much more sensitive.



Shoulders – A rub or massage is a great way to relax, since many people hold tension here. A bite or scratch of approval isn’t a bad idea, either.

Bicep – Strong and not very sensitive, but a squeeze, caress, scratch or a little hot wax can make them a lot more fun.

Forearm & wrist – Scratch, bite and otherwise abuse this tough area.

Inside elbow – This area is very sensitive. A quick glide of a finger or vibe can be surprising and incredibly pleasurable.

Elbow – While not very sensitive, it can be kissed and licked like all skin.

Arm pit – Licking is most common but a gentle caress can cause chills, too.

Hands & fingers – These are our main way of interacting with the world and are very sensitive because of it.

Breast – A solid punch, scratch, slap, lick or kiss to the chest often feels great.

Nipples & areola – These are incredibly sensitive. Not everyone likes them licked, twisted, bit, clamped, etc.; but, for most people, this can be heavenly.

Belly – Because it’s so vulnerable, it’s hypersensitive to new types of touch. Rub, kiss or lick for some comforting sensations.

Upper back – A trail of scratch marks from the neck and shoulders could easily lead here. A kiss, lick or massage is also a welcome bit of fun. 

Lower back – Continue the trail but gentler, and definitely massage to help those hips loosen up.

Sides/rib – Delicate and vulnerable, this area loves to be tickled, held, squeezed and rubbed gently.

Butt – Spankings, paddling, caning, scratching, patting or kissing; the possibilities are near endless.

Anus – Feel free to lick, massage or finger. A vibrator, butt plug, dildo, fist or vibrator is also a thrilling option.

Pubic area – Pull the hair, kiss or gently caress. This close to the genitals, you’re bound to build suspense.

Penis – Squeeze, stroke, lick or put it in an orifice for a ton of fun. Vibrators and masturbation sleeves are great options. The head and area just below are most sensitive. Biting is generally not advised.

Scrotum – Lick, bite, pull, squeeze gently (unless instructed otherwise), suck, tickle or use a vibrator for some possibly surprising pleasure.

Labia – Licking, sucking, biting and kissing is a fantastic idea. These are sensitive like the scrotum.

Clitoris – Licking, massaging, vibrating, kissing and sucking are all commonly enjoyed.

Vagina – Only the first third of this area is very sensitive. A fingering or good ol’ intercourse can be extremely fun.

Urethra – Some people enjoy peeing a whole lot. Also, sounding is a pretty common kink practice.

Perineum (the space between genitals and the anus) – For those with a prostate, a little pressure can make orgasms more intense. Licking is also advised.

Prostate & g-spot – both are very sensitive and often provide a pressure-like sensation as they swell. A gentle stroke with a finger, vibrator or butt plug will do amazing things, too.

Rectum – Not super sensitive but can feel pressure, which often feels amazing.

Heart – The heart generally keeps the same rhythm, but a little cardio gives it a thrill and makes you feel exhilarated.



Outer & front of thigh – Like the bicep these aren’t very sensitive, but a scratch, kiss, massage or slap can be enjoyable.

Inner and back of thigh – This area is very sensitive; gentle touch, nibbles, kisses, scratching, etc. is a generally good idea. A spank usually will hurt — but the good kind.

Knee – Very sensitive but generally will adapt to anything non-painful quickly. Scratch, kiss, lick or caress rarely for maximum effect.

Behind the knee – Very sensitive but delicate. Try running a finger or vibe past there once in a while.

Calf – Scratch away. The areas closer to the ankle and knee are much more sensitive.

Shin – Scratchable but generally not very sensitive.

Feet – The tops aren’t very sensitive but the bottoms are matched only by the hands in sensitivity. Even a gentle rub, massage, lick or caress can be very stimulating.

Toes – Many people enjoy having their toes licked and sucked. They’re so rarely stimulated it can be a thrill.



Skin – While some areas are more sensitive than others, it all yearns to be touched.

Muscles – These things do a lot of work keeping our body moving. Stretching, yoga, a warm bath or massage lets them know you appreciate it.

Breath – Deep controlled breathing can relax the entire body and help blood flow more freely, making for better sex and appreciation of all other stimulation.

Spirit – Connecting with other humans intimately (physically or otherwise) has a way of making everything seem better.

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