5 ways you can support LTASEX - Now is the time!

I need your help.

Over the past 9 months, my partner lost all of his memories, was hospitalized for self-harming and subsequently diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I totaled our car, spent 3 months in a deep depression spiral and had to hold our life together while he healed.

Life has not been easy for us, but we’ve made it through pretty well. Yet, the hits keep coming.

On July 24 my partner lost his mother suddenly due to an aneurysm. On August 10, I will be without a job. On August 20, we need to have moved out of our current apartment and into a new one – we don’t have one lined up.

I make $11.85/hr at a part-time job. Bubby makes $9.75 at both his part-time jobs. We have almost nothing in savings and all these life events have caused us to miss work and take on lots of debt.

Through all of this, LTASEX has been a beacon of hope. My personal life may be turning into a series of hospital waiting rooms and frantic late night calls, but at least I’m proving I have something to offer the world via LTASEX.

This may surprise you, but LTASEX is funded out of my own pockets. Beside the random text link someone buys, LTASEX makes no money; it’s not a business, it’s a labor of love.

Usually, I’m about 2 paychecks away from being too poor to afford to maintain LTASEX. Unfortunately, with all that has happened, I’ve reached the point where 2 paychecks are about to turn into none.

LTASEX is a low cost operation, but when my options are food and housing or a sense of self-accomplishment and the joy of helping, there’s no contest. Sadly, that’s a decision I’m going to have to start making very soon but, with your support, I might not have to.

Each month, 20,000 people visit LTASEX. Of those 20,000 people only 2 of them support it financially for a grand total of $3 per month. I thank those two people for their help but I also ask that, if you can, please consider supporting my work and LTASEX through one of the following ways:

Patreon – this site allows fans, followers, readers, viewers and appreciators to support creators with a monthly donation of $1 and up, cancel anytime.

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PayPal – You can make a one-time donation or monthly donation of any amount. 

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Mail – I’d be happy to accept checks or money orders via mail. I wouldn’t suggest sending cash, unless it’s insured via FedEx or something. You’ll have to email me privately for my address, though: jerome@ltasex.info

Job leads – Even though I would prefer to make LTASEX my job and it’s readers my bosses, I would be happy to receive any leads for writing gigs, graphic design, photography or copy editing. I’m based in Ypsilanti, MI but I’ve worked remotely for publications and actually prefer that kind of work. Any help in this area is appreciated.

Spread the word – Whether beckoning for people to read LTASEX’s great articles and what not or directing them to donate, any signal boost is helpful.

I’ve made LTASEX from nothing to a great resource for sex advice and first-hand knowledge in my extra time. If you support LTASEX, I can put all my time towards making it better than ever. I only need to bring in $800/month to make it a reality. Your donation means so much and it won’t be wasted. 

LTASEX is funded by you. Help keep it running.

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