5 unique ways to be romantic

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Let’s be straight: we all know how to be romantic….or we think we do. We all know how to act out the obvious clichés of romance. We can all buy flowers and chocolates for our significant others on Valentine’s day. We can take our date out to a candlelit dinner at a restaurant way above our pay rate and take them home for passionate, romance novel-esque sex. But that isn’t real romance; what everyone believes to be “romantic” are cliché constructs of a consumer-driven society. So, I am here to tell you 5 ways you can skip the flowers and chocolates and still be wholeheartedly romantic.


1. Write them letters/notes.

While gifts and over-the-top presents are falsified ideas of romance, gifts with meaning and gifts that are handcrafted signify a deeper level of understanding and loving your partner. Try writing hand-written letters such as, “open when you are happy,” or “open when you are imagining our future.” These letters are thoughtful and symbolic of your love.


2. Go on little adventures.

Take your partner out on a surprise adventure to a place you both like. It can be anything-coffee shops, laser tag, or a hobby shop. My girlfriend and I went to a comic store before dinner one night and we ended up buying Doctor Who figurines. Now this hobby of collecting all of the Doctors is something we both get excited about doing. The little things are sometimes the most meaningful.


3. Don’t forget to kiss them

You would think this would be basic knowledge; why wouldn’t you kiss the person you love? The most important moments are the most opportune. Kiss them when you get out of bed in the morning to prepare for work and kiss them once more before you leave. Kiss them as you clean the house, as you cook dinner together, as you cuddle on the couch watching a movie. Kiss them when they get home from work and as you both get ready for bed. Kiss them when they’re angry, kiss them when they are feeling frustrated. Kiss them when you are irrevocably happy. Don’t skimp on the kisses. Do more than just the “honey, I’m leaving” and “honey, I’m home” kisses. Kiss more.


4. Hit the snooze and cuddle

The shower can hold off on a few more minutes so you can spoon with your lover. The fact that you are choosing to stay in bed, rather than throwing yourself into your morning routine shows your partner that you are hesitant to leave them. That you want to be there in bed and spend more time, even if that time only equates to five minutes. Cuddling is one of the more romantic ways to be with your partner in bed without implying something sexual….but if it does lead to morning sex, go for it. Stay in bed. You can bypass the morning coffee and stop at a Starbucks on your way into work if it means taking the time to be with the person you love.


5. Spontaneity is contagious

One of the simplest ways to be romantic is to be spontaneous. Here’s an idea: take your date out to dinner, but stop at the first restaurant (restaurant, not Coney Island or bar) you both have never been to and dine there. You can do this once a week or once a month. The spontaneous nature adds enjoyment and enthusiasm into your love life. If your wallet is a little empty, you can be spontaneous with other ways. Go to a movie store and randomly choose a movie, or go onto Netflix and do the same thing. Pick a recipe out of a cookbook to try and create, even if it contains weird items like seaweed and chrysanthemum. Take a dusty, untouched book off of your bookshelf and start reading it together. The idea of the unknown sparks entertainment that lasts a lifetime.


Some of the simple things in life are the things that impact you the most. Lasting relationships revolve around the nature of the love you two set for each other. Taking some of these ideas into consideration will inevitably allow you and your partner to be more romantic. 

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