34 sexy pics that prove Dania Ramirez is the hero we all need

Like most of you, I first got a glimpse of smoking hot Dominican goddess/actress/model Dania Ramirez during her stint on the now defunct NBC show “Heroes.” From the first time we got introduced to her, I was stricken by how gorgeous she was. Mind you, I was like 15 and deep into dudes already. But there was something so damn sexy about her; I actually developed a bit of a crush on her.

While I haven’t followed Ramirez’s career since “Heroes” ended, I was still overjoyed when she popped up in a guest role here or there. Most recently, she’s staring in the Lifetime version of “Desperate Housewives” aka “Devious Maids.” While the show borders on the ridiculous – and racist with four Latina maids – she holds her own. She’s also perpetually oozing sex appeal.

In the time since “Heroes,” the incredibly sexy Dania Ramirez has become someone of a sex symbol. She’s been featured in Maxim and several other men’s magazines. She’s also recently been branching out into more fashion centric magazines. However it happens, I’m definitely for any excuse to get more sexy photos of Dania Ramirez.


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