32 sexy pics of curvy fitness model Briana Bette

 Fitness model Briana Bette is one of the sexiest women ever featured on LTASEX

Fitness model Briana Bette is one of the sexiest women ever featured on LTASEX

Briana Bette is one of the sexiest models to ever be featured on LTASEX – even her name is sexy. Her thick thighs, gorgeous breasts and sexy-as-all-hell face are more than enough on their own.  When you consider that Bette’s banging looks come paired with an intelligent, industrious mind and a top-notch selfie game, she easily ranks near the top of the LTASEX Hot List.

Most people know her from her painfully sexy selfies on Instagram. You know, like those 32 nude bikini pics of Briana Bette we’ve included below. Magazine covers, calendars – yeah, she’s got a few of those too. However, she’s also a woman on her paper chase.

She’s making a name for herself with her curvy woman fitness site FitButtCurvy.com. There you can find some more hot pics of Briana Bette – of course – and find the secrets to living healthy and staying fit. She’ll also teach you how to get an ass like hers. She is changing people’s lives out here.

When she’s not inspiring our desires, Briana Bette can usually be found casually hanging out in Paris, living that grad student life or cheering on the Dallas Cowboys – her favorite football team. In other words, she’s basically perfect.


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