31 sexy pics of "The Originals" star Charles Michael Davis to brighten your day

I haven’t turned on the CW since Gossip Girl went off the air. However, if they keep recruiting guys as hot as “The Originals” star Charles Michael Davis, I might have to actually watch it again. All though I’ll probably just keep looking at sexy pics of him on the internet instead. 

Since I haven’t actually seen the show, I can’t tell you tell you what it’s about or if it’s any good. Like all CW shows, I assume it’s a mediocre show with a cast of hot but mediocre actors. What I do know about this show is that they like to have Charles Michael Davis shirtless pretty often. So, “The Originals” has that going for it at the very least.

While, I definitely enjoy him at face value, for me, Davis represents one of my favorite things about interracial relationships. If a Korean person and a black person never decided to make a baby, we wouldn’t have him to stare at. Wouldn’t that have been a shame? I think that proves my point sufficiently, your honor.


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