22 lust-inducing photos of pro boxer J'Leon Love

I am not a particulalrly violent man. Nor do I generally condone violence but – sometimes – violence creates or shines a light on the beautiful things in life. I think it’s safe to count pro boxer J’Leon Love among those beautiful things.

While he only started fighting professionally in 2010, his 18-1 record thus far has people talking. He’s not yet a household name like Mayweather but – if he keeps this up – he’ll be making national headlines soon.

A higher profile for J’leon means more photo shoots for us.  Until then, we’ve got these sexy photos of J’leon Love to stare at. His burgeoning modeling career can be thanked for that.

Fun fact: J’leon was born a couple miles away from where I was born and only one day later. Clearly, the universe saw fit to bring a whole lot of sexy into the September of  ’87. I ain’t complaining.


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