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It’s tough being a sex blogger; we work hard for little or no pay and are under constant threat of being shut down or banned and blacklisted. With the recent Blogger and Word Press terms of service updates that make adult content persona non grata, things have only gotten harder. I want to help.

LTASEX (originally Let’s Talk About Sex) has always been imagined as a place where people of all walks of life could come and talk about sex, without shame or fear of reprisal. So, today, I’m putting out the official call for sex bloggers to join LTASEX.

I want all your sexy voices be heard and I think LTASEX is the perfect place for your existing blog to shine. If you need a temporary home before re-launching somewhere else, I want to help you. Even if you’re a new blogger who needs help getting started, I’m here… we’re here.

As a community, we do too much good work to let these fearful and sex negative companies shut us down. We have the power to stand up together and throw one helluva middle finger at the lot of them and I think we should. Together, our collective knowledge and experience would unstoppable.

A bit about me and LTASEX:

 I’m Jerome Stuart Nichols, resident sexpert and owner of LTASEX, recent college grad, nerd, gay, atheist and pacifist. I like tech, talking about sex, sleeping, cuddles, baking, giving blow jobs and helping to fix the world’s sex problem. When it comes to sex education, I live by these principles. I would bore you with all my credentials but you can check me out here: http://www.jeromestuartnichols.comw

I started LTASEX 3 years ago (Feb. 2010) as a way to vent my frustrations with attacks on abortion, sexual education and slut-shaming. Eventually, it became the place where I help people live sexier, healthier and happier lives and the home for my YouTube show Let’s Talk About Sex. With 24,000+ views and 10,000+ visitors a month, people seem to like what I do here.

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Why should you become a part of LTASEX:

LTASEX can offer you a blog of your own that you don’t have to host or design. You’ll have complete editorial control; I only ask that you keep with the sex positive, all-inclusive spirit of LTASEX.

You’ll get a large built in audience and a 2000+ strong social network. I’ll pimp all your content the same way I pimp mine. If you’re just starting out or want something more legit, we can help there too.

On top of all that, you’ll be helping to build a safe space where sex bloggers can blog about sex without fear that all their hard work will suddenly be wiped from the face of the internet.

What I’m looking for:

You, probably. There so many kinds of sex blogs and bloggers out there; if you’ve got passion and want to make something great, I want to hear from you.


How does this work:

Still figuring that part out. I would prefer to work with each of you one-on-one then as a team to figure out what’s best for everyone. This is not a sextatorship.


If you want to be a part of something awesome, let me know. I really do think we can make some really fucking awesome shit if we put our perverted minds together.

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Keep it sexy,

Jerome Stuart Nichols


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