Getting That Spark Back In The Bedroom

When you start thinking about, or researching a topic like regaining the spark in a relationship, you'll find a lot of psychological advice. To some extent, tips that touch on your psychological relationship with your partner can be very helpful. For example, the common idea of spending a bit more time out with your own friends often works out well, as it makes your one-on-one time as a couple that much more special.

But when you're specifically looking into getting the spark back in the bedroom, there are a number of more practical tips that may be of service. Even the very healthiest and happiest relationships experience sexual lulls, and in times like those some of the following steps may just help to rekindle your sex life.

Try New Locations
Sometimes the sneaky way to re-spark your life "in the bedroom" is to leave the bedroom! Often the cause of a sexual lull is that things get a bit repetitive. Buck this trend by having more sex out of the bedroom, whether that means something as simple as showering together, or something a bit more fun like venturing to the kitchen (or leaving the house altogether!). Things may quickly get more exciting.

Try Sex Toys
A lot of people mistakenly believe that sex toys are for solo play only. A quick visit to Adam and Eve will show you otherwise! Plenty of sex toys - even your standard masturbation aids - can be plenty of fun to use as a couple, and can introduce a whole new dynamic to the bedroom.

Try New Positions
Perhaps the simplest way to spice up your sex life with your partner is just to try a few new positions. As mentioned, usually the cause of a bedroom "lull" is that things just get a bit stale. Well, luckily, there's just about always a new position to try! Even if it's something you wouldn't normally be interested in, the worst case scenario is you try it once and you don't go back to it. Have some fun experimenting!

Try Role Play
Another way to keep things new and exciting is to try some role play fantasy. Some couples worry that this will be an awkward experience, and some even fear that role play means admitting fantasies. Here's the thing: we all fantasize, and enjoying these fantasies with your partner is not only healthy, but fun and exciting. You may find that a bit of role play totally reinvigorates your sex life.

Regain General Intimacy
Finally, for something closer to the psychological approach, you can often rekindle your sex life by finding more ways to be intimate outside the bedroom. Massaging each other, enjoying romantic date nights, etc. can make you yearn for each other in the way you did when you first started your sexual relationship.

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