Glass is a not my favorite material for sex toys; I generally find it to be too hard and too smooth for the anal play I enjoy. Imagine how surprised I was when Doc Johnson’s Reflections Glass Wand Smooth Waves became my absolute favorite toy for milking my prostate and even bested Lelo Ella and Picobong Zizo for solo thrusting.


Reflections Glass Wand Smooth Waves by Doc Johnson ($25)

What: Unisex glass wand

Material: Glass

Body safe: 10/10


  • Length – 7.5”
  • Width – Varied: 1.2” (smallest), 2.1” (largest)
  • Weight – 10.4 oz

Features: Phthalate free, easy-to-clean, top rack dishwasher-safe, freezer safe, boil safe

Turn ons 

Even in the packaging, which isn’t my favorite, you can see how beautiful Smooth Waves is. In your hand, it’s even prettier. It’s easy for glass toys to be really pretty because they’re shiny but the finish is simply gorgeous and devoid of branding. The finish actually reminds me of the trippy, almost psychedelic rainbow effect made by motor oil on the ground. When light shines through it, you get to see the swirly internal design. Oh, the shape is also quite pretty…

Pretty fucking useful for making me melt. I’m not an anal expert by any means, though I hope to be one day. So, I’ve been trying to find the perfect to that I could use to loosen up. Because of its gentle, graduated waves, it makes my warm up painless. When I’m ready to go, I turn it around and use the bulbous end to stretch a little further and – more importantly – stimulate my prostate.

That bulb rubs my prostate in a way no toy, finger or penis has done before. The bulb is kind of squat, which allows it to make great contact with prostate. Smooth Waves’ long handle also gives me plenty of leverage to really push on and stroke my prostate. A wrist motion that mimics paddling a boat or digging works really well with the shape. Also, the bulb offers a really satisfying pop when it goes in and out.

I’ve not been a big fan of glass – see my review of the Rainbow G – but Smooth Waves made me change my mind. Normally, I find glass to be too hard but without the firmness, I wouldn’t have been able to target my prostate as well. I generally don’t like how slick and slippery the glass becomes when it’s covered in lube. In this case, that slickness was slightly offset by the graduated shape.

Also, I loved how quickly it warms up to body temp; it’s not something I thought about but the warmth always felt great when I took it all the way out and out it back in again.

The length of Smooth Waves is really helpful for leverage but it’s also great to train your butt for deep penetration. It’s 7.5” shaft is long enough to reach the second sphincter but it won’t stab your diaphragm. If you hold the bulbed end, you can get a really good thrusting rhythm going. It’s gotten me really comfortable with the motion and really excited to get back to real penis.

Because it’s glass, you can use any type of lube you like and it’s always easy to clean.

Smooth Waves has a nice weight that is neither hefty nor insubstantial and feels exactly like I think it should in my hand. It really sells quality.

Turn offs

I had very few issues gripping the Smooth waves on the bulbous end because the bulb acts like a handle. On the more slender end, it’s a lot more difficult to grip when it’s covered in lube. I think that if the slender end also had a bulb, it’d be much easier to use my favorite end.

Other info

I know this was all about how I like to put this toy in my boy butt but I think a girl butt would get a lot out if it too. That bulb worked wonders for my prostate and would probably do the same for a g-spot or clit.


Bottom line

Reflections Glass Wand Smooth Waves by Doc Johnson is one awesome toy. My butt hasn’t been this happy in a while and I think yours will be too. If you’re looking for a versatile toy with length, girth and an awesome design, this might just be the toy for you.


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