10-Function Risque by Cal Exotics - The Saddest Review I've Ever Written

Powerful and flawed.

Periodically, I find a toy with a lot of promise that fails to perform due to one major flaw, 10-Function Risque by California Exotics is one of those products. It feels great, the vibrations are strong, I like the design and silicone feels pretty nice. The problem: it claims to be waterproof but it is most certainly not.

10-Function Risqué by California Exotics ($28.99)

What: Vibrating butt plug/anal vibrator

Material: Plastic/TPR

Body safe: 6/10

Intensity: 7/10

Noise: 3/10

Power: 2 AAA


  • Length: 4"
  • Insertable length: 3"
  • Circumference: 4 1/8"
  • Diameter: 1 1/8"
  • Weight: 2.8 oz

Turn ons

I really enjoy the simple design of the 10-Function Risqué by California Exotics. The finish on the TPR is smooth enough that I thought it was silicone. Also, there isn’t a single bit of branding on the device, which I love. The color I got was pink and that won’t be for everyone but there are 2 other color options: black, blue.

The controls are a simple single-button set up. It works exactly as I thought it should. The button is placed on the base of the vibe, which gives you easy access when it’s inserted.

I will say that the motor on this is much more powerful than I thought it would be. It’s actually only slightly less powerful than the Picobong Zizo. It doesn’t have that unique Zizo vibration but it does penetrate better than most vibes. In terms of vibration, it out paces the Picobong Tano in every way.

The different functions are actually worthwhile, even if the numbers are a bit fudged. Each function is distinct and I found that each one provided a decidedly different experience, which I can’t say for all other vibes.

Despite it being pretty damn powerful, it’s also very quiet.

Because it’s not made from silicone, it’s friendly to silicone lube.

Turn offs

My biggest problems with 10-Function Risqué by California Exotics comes from the build quality. Firstly, it’s not waterproof and that is a big freaking deal. The battery cover doesn’t sit right and leaves a pretty big gap. When you’ve got something that’s going to be covered in lube and bacteria from your butt, you need it to be waterproof to protect the batteries from shorting or corroding and destroying your vibe. I find it unacceptable that its waterproofness has top billing but simply does not deliver.

Because it’s made of TPR, which is porous, it can’t be sterilized. Paired with the lack of waterproofness, this is definitely a one person toy, unless you put it in a condom.

Although the finish is great, it covers a device that isn’t as smooth. On my unit there were visible lumps from pieces of the internal parts poking up. I’m sure this is just some wires but it makes the toy feel cheap.

There’s actually only 7 functions on the risqué; the first three functions are just different intensity levels for the steady vibration setting.

I had a really hard time keeping the plug in my butt. Because of the shortness of the neck, it sits right on the sphincter. That means when you writhe around or flex you PC muscles, you’re probably going to push it out. Sitting down with it in prevents this from happening but it limits your positioning and movement.

Other info

Despite how bad it is at its recommended job, I do think it is a worthwhile choice for another job: playing with your clit. The flared base offers an easy to grip handle and the strong, adjustable motor would probably feel really damn awesome. When used in that way a lot of my complaints no longer matter and it’s actually pretty good.

Bottom line

I can’t recommend this product for what it’s made for, which sucks because it feels so nice. That motor in a butt plug is all I ever wanted from a butt plug.  If you’re looking for a vibe to use with silicone lube while sitting down and don’t mind that it’s not waterproof, you’ve got yourself a winner. If you’re looking for a strong clitoral vibe, this might be a great choice too. Otherwise, I’ll let that extensive list of qualifications speak for itself.

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