Oral sex is a way up there on my favorite list with my partner, which is good because he loves to give it. At the same time, I always feel self-conscious about it. Am I clean enough? Does it taste bad for him? What can I do to give my guy more pleasure out of giving? So, the idea of a tasty arousal oral sex gel made me all happy and squirmy. For under $15, Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel looked very tempting to try.


Wanna Be Aroused Oral Sex Arousal Gel - Oooh Cotton Candy flavored by Crazy Girl ($12)

What: Flavored arousal gel

Size: 2.2 fl oz

Flavor: Cotton candy

Featured: Made in U.S.A, no animal testing, paraben-free and sulfate-free


Turn ons

The first thing I did, before using Crazy Girl Wanna Be Aroused Oral Sex Arousal Gel during oral sex, was tasting it for myself and testing on an area of visible skin. I have sensitive skin, so I tested on my arm. When all appeared fine, I tested in on a small area of vaginal skin, just to be safe. Last thing I want during a fun round oral sex is screaming and panicking and end up demanding to see a doctor. My partner and I have become very careful after the whole “Trojan fire and ice” condoms incident.

Without being mixed with vaginal secretion the product tastes just like cotton candy and is very tasty. The best cotton candy flavoring I’ve tasted in a long while. And, gosh, does it ever smell like it, so yummy. My partner gave the product a thumbs up and announced that he loved it. He told me that the gel was the best tasting gel that he had ever used. Even though he enjoys the natural taste of “pussy juice,” he did enjoy the sweet cotton candy taste.

Since I enjoyed the taste, I decided to try the oral gel on my guy during oral. It actually made oral a bit easier for me to give; the gel made for a smoother ride and the taste was great. It lasted quite a while and I only used one squirt of it.

It goes on cleanly and the bottle distributes just the right amount. The gel, when dry, doesn’t tighten the skin or become greasy. It dries and just disappears, like it never touched your skin, save the lingering smell of cotton candy.

The bottle is a decent size, small enough to fit in my toy box and discrete enough to bring with on a trip. The label is very teen pop, using light blues and pinks with lots of hearts and cursive fonts. The label color is the same for all flavors, and the different colored gels all look good with it. To me it seems like they made the package for teens which is not so very odd in this day and age.

The price is also very decent. I’m all for cheap things, but when it comes to anything that is going to be going inside me, I’m always skeptical and very wary. This however, at just under $15 is reasonable and this gel will last a decent while. The budgeting part of me is shouting “bitchin” and doing a happy dance.


Turn off

The gel is nice and all but, for me, it didn’t do much in the way of arousal. It didn’t make much of a difference but my partner enjoyed it, which is what counts.

The design looks like it’s designed for teens, and I mean younger teens. Then again the product is called “crazy girl” so it’s sticking with their theme. Still, it’s a bit creepy that it’s seemingly aimed in that direction.


Bottom line

I would recommend Crazy girl oral gel; it’s a wonderful treat for him and her, even if it’s not actually going to add anything to your arousal. Sometimes, it’s not about what the product itself can do but rather the way the product forces you to interact. Any reason to get my guy licking is worthwhile in my book.

Review unit provided by Eden Fantasys


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