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Please tell me How Can i do safe sex?
– Kamran

That all depends on the type of sex you're having:

  • If it's penis in vagina, mouth or anus, wear a condom.
  • Mouth to anus or vagina, use a dental dam or other latex barrier.
  • If it's vagina to vagina, use a latex barrier of some sort but you may also use saran/plastic wrap if you want.

Make sure to visually look at the genitals for open sores, raised bumps, white bumps, white or yellow discharges. If you're having sex with a bunch of different partners, limit your exposure to their bodily fluids and don't let them ejaculate (male or female) in your mouth, anus or vagina.

I would also suggest that you go get tested for STDs/STIs, knowing your status is the best way to prevent the spread of diseases. Lastly, talk to your doc about the HPV vaccine, especially if you're a guy. Something like 90% of people will get HPV at some point in their lives. So, it's worth it.

Does this help?

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