I’ve had my eye on Courtney Trouble and her budding indie porn empire for quite a while; I’m always on the lookout for great porn. Mostly, Courtney’s known for making really hot, kinky queer porn. When I got the press release for her latest and straightest flick to date, “Come Find Me,” I had to see it.

Studio: Trouble Films

Released: June 1, 2013

Director: Courtney TroublePoppy Cox, Gasper Johnson

Starring: Poppy Cox, Gasper Johnson

Check it out here:

In “Come Find Me,” Poppy Cox stars as a woman on a mission to find the cock at the end of the White Polaroid Road. Along her journey, she must lose her panties and overcome flat bike tires. Once she reaches her destination, things take an unexpected turn. Poppy finds herself tied to a banister and that’s where things get really hot.

There’s something incredibly sexy about a woman who knows what she wants and fucks it. You can tell by the look in Poppy’s eye that she knows what she wants: to fuck Gasper Johnson and cum, a lot. I don’t blame her, Gasper’s admittedly got a sleaze-ball, 70’s porn star charm. Plus, he’s pretty damn hairy, which is hot. He does have a really odd beard that I can’t decide if I like or not but that doesn’t really matter because the camera mostly focuses on Poppy.

Poppy isn’t bad on the eye herself. Besides her round, gorgeous ass and devilishly adorable mug, she’s also got this slutty, horny confidence about her that’s really fucking sexy. She’s also got this wanting look in her eyes; it’s a mixture of predatory and achingly horny; it definitely translates into her performance.

Both Poppy and Gasper put on a good show. There’s some licking and fingering on the counter, orgasmic face riding, clever condom application and hanging-off-the-bed banging. It’s all really passionate and interested and sexy but, more importantly, it felt fun. That’s probably because they’re a real-life couple.

I always love having sex where laughter’s involved, it means that I’m relaxed. Throughout “Come Find Me,” Poppy is running back and forth between excited squeals, guttural moaning and this really fucking adorable giggling. Gasper, like a lot of guys, was mostly quiet but there was no doubting he was having fun. In the flick, he’d set up this little BDSM-ish encounter in an abandoned home and it always felt like he was really enjoying playing along and getting Poppy off.

My favorite scene in “Come Find Me” is the orgasmic face riding scene at the very end. Poppy has a crazy strong orgasm and she’s practically seizing on Gasper’s face, which is completely engulfed in her vulva. The whole time she’s cuming, her face is cycling through this crazed collections of expressions. It’s all very lusty, hedonistic and hard-on inducing. Me gusta. 

Overall, "Come Find Me" is a horny, intimate and lusty fuckfest and I loved it. I'd recommend you buy it just for the view of Poppy's ass jiggling when she's bent over and tied to the banister. The sex is fun, playful, a little rough and really hot. Whether you want to watch something to masturbate to or just want to see real people banging it out and having, you'll love it too.

Review copy provided by Indie Porn Revolution

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