Penis Pumping Workhorse - Pump Worx Max-Precision Power Pump by Pipedream - Review

 Pump Worx Max-Precision Penis Pump will get the job done but it's a bit rough around the edges and may not be great for beginners.

Pump Worx Max-Precision Penis Pump will get the job done but it's a bit rough around the edges and may not be great for beginners.

Having never tried a penis pump before, I was anxious to see what all the fuss was about. I picked out the Pump Worx Max-Precision Power Pump by Pipedream because it seemed simple enough and it is. But that simplicity comes at a cost. However, for just the right kind of person this may be a winner.

Pump Worx Max-Precision Power Pump by Pipedream ($40-$70)

What: Penis pump

Materials: ABS Plastic

Body Safe: 8/10


Tube length: 8.27”

Tube diameter: 2.4”

Weight: 12oz

Turn ons

When you take the Pump Worx Max-Precision Power Pump by Pipedream out of the box it only takes one step to put together. Even without instructions, it’s simple and intuitive.

It’s very easy to take apart and clean.

Overall, the build quality is perfectly fine. I tend to not like plastics because they rarely feels luxurious but I have no real issues with the materials on this one. Well, one but that’s for a different section.

The pump handle is easy to grasp and use. The gun-esque shape is natural in your hand and the quick release valve is well placed. The release valve was one thing I undervalued initially but when you’re doing stuff to your dick, being able to get it out quickly adds a lot of mental comfort.

The suction comes on easy and can be adjusted to your liking. I appreciated the small jumps in suction because it let me slowly adjust to the unique sensation.

I know almost all pumps have a translucent or clear cylinder but if it didn’t have one, I would have dinged it. Therefore, I feel like I should give it props for including this mandatory feature. Watching your penis grow inside the tube is pretty damn cool. I found that just the sight of my penis growing to 150% of its normal size was exciting enough to spur a stellar erection. The inch and mm measurements printed on the cylinder are easy to read.

The erection caused by this pump are not the erections with which you’re familiar. These are slightly softer but veiny and sort of throbbing. Your penis will look… angry. I don’t know any other way to describe it but it’s really cool.

I love that the Pump Worx Max-Precision Power Pump by Pipedream comes with a cock ring, lube, cleaner and thickening cream. It sort of adds a bit of luxury to the experience. No, the thickening cream doesn’t work. The cock ring – however – works wonderfully and is a perfect accessory for the pump. The lube and cleaner are unremarkable but not bad in any way.

Turn offs

I don’t like the piece that cups your penis. The material isn’t particularly stretchy, which isn’t a problem for insertion. For removing your penis, it’s a big problem. I could never quite figure out how to get it out gracefully. I was never stuck but it’s really difficult to remove and I kept thinking that I was going to hurt myself. Normally, the fear I felt would have not been included in this review but I feel like many guys will have that same sort of panic. Having something on your penis that you don’t want there anymore has a way of making you freak out, even if it’s not that big of a deal.

I found that the pump handle looked a bit too much like a tool that you’d find in an auto shop. It’s not really a problem but it made me less comfortable as a beginner.

Although it’s easy clean, the soft plastics attract a lot of dust. You can see it in the images because I just couldn’t get them off without washing it again.

Other stuff

The first time I used Pump Worx Max-Precision Power Pump by Pipedream, I had no issues with suction. The second time was issue-less as well. On the third time and every time after I had a really hard time getting a good seal. Eventually, I found out that a small tear in the penis ring was allowing air to seep into the cylinder. This made using the pump pretty annoying because I had to keep adjusting the suction.

Bottom line

If you’re interested in trying out a penis pump, this is probably not the one for you. The lack of instructions, difficult to remove penis ring and utilitarian design might be a bit off putting for someone who’s never used a penis pump. If you’re more experienced and want a pump with solid suction and a masculine aesthetic that will get the job done, Pump Worx Max-Precision Power Pump by Pipedream may be the one you want.

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