Posh Pocket Toyfriend by Tickler Review - Small, Powerful, Modern

Posh Pocket Toyfriend by Tickler is a great option for portability, design and power.

Often, people underestimate the benefits of doing one thing really well. I am not one of those people, which is why I think Posh Pocket Toyfriend by Tickler is a clitoral vibe that is definitely worth a look. It serves up powerful, portable performance and a bunch of other perks that you wouldn’t expect from a toy of this class,

Posh Pocket Toyfriend by Tickler ($24.99)

What: Traditional clitoral vibrator

Material: Silicone and hard plastic

Body safe: 10/10

Noise: 4/10

Power: 1 AAA

Intensity: 7/10


  • Length: 3.7 inches
  • Circumference: 2.8 inches
  • Waterproof
  • 1 year warranty

Turn ons

This little bastard is tiny. It’s even smaller than the Mia 2. I have average-sized guy hands, yet the Posh Pocket Toyfriend is only about the size of my index finger. I love the size because it’s not imposing and can be used in ways that bigger ones like Colt Prowler anal vibrator and Picobong Zizo.

It’s small size, belies some MAJOR power. So far, the only other vibrators we’ve tired with a strength close to this are the aforementioned Prowler and Zizo. Its power is even more awesome because it only uses 1 AAA battery and has a pretty decent battery life.

I love the design, it’s simple, refined, modern and actually useful. The tilted head, makes it more suited for how you’ll actually hold it and how your body actually works. The logo is impressed into the plastic base but the plastic doesn’t seem to hold on to fluids. The logo is on the large side (it’s about 4x larger than the logo on Lelo Ella) but it fits with overall design.

In your hand the Posh Pocket Toyfriend by Tickler gives you the sense that you’re holding a more expensive toy. Not Lelo Mia 2 expensive but definitely Picobong Tano vibrating butt plug or Picobong Ako expensive. In fact the silicone on the device feels almost exactly like the silicone on the Picobong Tano.

The controls are easier to use than your lip gloss. It’s a simple quarter-inch rotation to go from on to off. Because of how the Posh Pocket Toyfriend sort of snaps into each position, you won’t find yourself accidentally turning it off like on the Doc Johnson Black Magic.

Changing the battery is just as easy as turning it on and off. To change it, you simply twist one notch to the right of off and off goes the plastic base.

Although, it seems to be really loud when you’re using it, it’s not. You can’t hear it through a door and even when sitting on a soft surface it doesn’t make nearly as much noise as the Prowler anal vibrator. The sounds is higher pitched than most other vibes we’ve tried

Turn offs

While the simple twist controls are great, I still found myself opening it when I mean to turn it on. It’s a little quirk that will drive you crazy, if you don’t pay attention.

It’s supposed to be waterproof but I found a bit of water in the seam and that makes me nervous. There wasn’t anything inside the actual battery compartment but there was water on the rim of the bottom case. I would suggest testing to make sure yours is waterproof before putting in the battery.

Other stuff

Initially, I was opposed to the $25 price tag but now I think it’s worth it. For the price, you get so much quality, power and a warranty.

In case you were wondering, the vibration type is closer to the Colt Prowler than Picobong Zizo

Bottom line

For what it is, Posh Pocket Toyfriend by Tickler is a standout vibrator. It’s easy use, well built, fairly priced, travel friendly and pretty. If you’re looking for a small vibe to take with you but don’t want to shell out the money for the Lelo Mia 2, this might just be the thing.

Review unit provided by LoveHoney.com

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