Do you think oral sex is required for sexual satisfaction? |

Even in the year 2013, I still emails from people complaining that their partner won’t give them oral sex. So, it’s about time that I make this clear and put the topic to rest. If you are not willing to give your partner oral sex, you deserve to be dumped… probably.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it here, sex is just sex. Yes, I know we like to put all these measures and values and meanings to different kinds of sex. But at the end of the day it’s just sex. If you’re having sex, why not just have sex?

Yes, we all have preferences and your partner should help you explore them in GGG way. But there are certain things that are just expected and oral is one of them; it’s as standard as the wheels on a car.

I mean, you don’t have to do it at every sexual encounter and it doesn’t have to be a huge part of the sex. But – at the very least – you should at least be willing shove your face into their crotch at some point. I really don’t know why you wouldn’t, it’s great!

“Giving head is demeaning to women”

Shut up, I didn’t see you complaining when he went down on you. Oh, wait… I get it, it’s only demeaning when you’re not the one quivering in pleasure. Also, how hetero-normative of you to forget that there are plenty of guys who’ve had a penis in their mouth at some point.

“It’s gross”

Let me get this straight, you eat the preserved flesh of dead animals, the breast milk of cows and unfertilized chicken ova but you won’t sit down at a buffet of willing vagina? That makes SO much sense.

“Well, it tastes funny”

Beer tastes like flaming bile – until you get used to it – but you’ve got a 12-pack in the fridge. Genitals are an acquired taste. Suck it up.

I think that’s the real lesson here, “Suck it up.” To put it more simply, stop being a selfish prick. In sex, sometimes you have to do the things you don’t necessarily want to do to make your partner happy.

All that being said, there are some totally legit reasons why you might not want to give oral sex. Sexual abuse and bad hygiene come to mind. If your issue is solvable, work it out with your partner. If it’s not, at least say something. Otherwise, your partner will be justified in trading you in for a different model.

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