Hilary Clinton Comes Out, Joe Jonas Gets Spanked, Steubenville Blows Up, Poppy Harlow is Offended - Quickies 3/22/13


Hilary Clinton comes out… in favor of gay marriage.

Former Secretary of State/First Lady Hillary Clinton came out in support of gay marriage and the world queefed. Who knew she hadn’t done that already?

In sexy news:


Prince Harry leaves the door open…


Prince Harry reminded us why he’s our favorite prince, besides the proclivity for nakedness. When presented with the digits from daring Italian socialite Vincezo Ianniello, Harry was completely unaffected. He let the chap down easy and apparently even left the door open for a phone call if he ever wanted to jump to team gay.


Poppy Harlow is mad we yelled at her about her now infamous rapist-sympathizing monologue after the Steubenville verdict.

While two more football playing dumb fucks raped someone. If they’re convicted, maybe Poppy will bemoan their once bright futures, too.

Everybody loves gay marriage.


Breaking News: Teenagers Do Stupid Stuff

Three high school students are in trouble after a video surfaced of two of them (boy 17, girl 15) having sex in their school’s library. Not only is banging behind the books against school policy but their 2-year age difference makes it a crime. You may be asking why the third student is in trouble. He’s in trouble because he filmed it all on his Galaxy then shared it. Ah, young love. It’s so precious when it’s statutory.



Because men around the world have decided that now is the right time to act a fucking fool, a hotel owner forced a woman to leap from her balcony to escape his attempt to rape her. The woman survived but was injured. [source]

Also some guy who looks like the Sith Lord was a complete dick to a rape survivor who called into his radio show.

Don’t pay Dominican women to pose as underage prostitutes in your article and call it journalism

The soon to be out of print publication The Daily Caller has been revealed to be charlatans. Apparently they thought it would be a great idea to pay three Dominican women to lie about having sex with Sen. Bob Mendez (D-NJ). Although most might disagree, I don’t think their fatal flaw was pulling this elaborate ruse. I’m more concerned that they underpaid for the services of keeping quiet. The’ve got little (less than $450 USD) incentive to keep quiet and the Dominican police can provide a lot of incentive to talk. I’m not sure how well this plan was thought out.

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