What having an enema is really like

Today you get to know a little too much about me.

Today you get to know a little too much about me.

As you all know, I sometimes like to press my boundaries and try things I’ve never tried before. If you you’re a long time reader of LTASEX, you should have come across my bisexual and dating experiments, among others. Having recently fallen in love with prostate play, I figured it might be time to try an enema.

First, a lesson.

What is an enema?

An enema or anal douche is the act of squirting water into your rectum to clean before anal sex. Yes, really?

Why would you want an enema?

I honestly don’t know. For myself, I guess it’s just the next logical step. Now that I’ve broken that mental barrier to liking some sort of anal play, I makes sense to see what other kinds I might enjoy. Plus, cleanliness is always preferred with anal play.

Ok, now we can move on to my actual experience.

Overall, I would have to say that using an enema was remarkable pleasurable actually. Going into it, I didn’t really know what it would feel like; it’s not like people generally talk about these things. I can’t say that I’d ever even actually thought about what the experience would be like at all. It was probably better that way. Regardless of how unprepared I was for the experience, I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

At the beginning, I had a really difficult time getting the nozzle into position. I was really nervous and – as we know – nervous equals tension, which is bad anal stuff. After six or seven tries, took a couple breaths, relaxed. I figured out that standing straight up made my goal impossible. Once I bent over, water began to flow and things got interesting.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve recently gotten into prostate play. From that, I’ve become accustomed to that uniquely pleasurable sensation of pressure. This sensation was exactly like that… except knee-cripplingly strong. I’m not exaggerating, I literally had to catch myself because my knees buckled.

I don’t think I actually have the words to describe the experience. If there’s an adjective that correctly describes the sensation of feeling like a human Hostess cake, I would be really surprised.

Before I did it, I was worried that enema process would be difficult but it was – in fact – the easiest part of the whole event. Once the nozzle was in, the water flowed. Pushing it back out felt was natural. I didn’t have to remove the nozzle and moving around with the nozzle inserted wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

One thing I was surprised by was how not disgusting the process was. You think about flushing out your rectum and automatically you’re imagining a brown mess in your bathtub. In fact, it was nothing like that at all. Everything that came out went right down the drain. For what it was, the process was actually sort of dignified.

Once I was done, I washed all my tools and went about my day. Other than the surprise of the intense pressure, having an enema was a particularly unremarkable experience. I never thought I would say those words in public.

Here’s a couple tips to make your enema experience better:

Lube! I did it in the shower and found out very quickly that wet flesh catches a lot. Lube will make that a lot easier.

I did find that I had to expel a bit more about twenty minutes later. So if you’re going to give it a try, I’d set out about an hour to make sure you don’t have any accidents once you leave the house.

Lastly, water temperature is important. Cold was causes cramps, hot water burns but warm water feels wonderful. Keep in mind that the skin on your body is less sensitive than skin of your anus. So, if the water is uncomfortably warm to your finger, it will be painfully warm to your butt.

That’s about it for today. Until next time, keep it sexy. 

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