Pipedream Unisex Douche/Enema - Review

Pipedream 's enema that could is a great value, especially considering the price and buld quality.

Pipedream's enema that could is a great value, especially considering the price and buld quality.

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When I decided to become a sex educator, I knew I’d be challenged to do some new and interesting things. I never expected reviewing an enema kit would be one of them. Even if I did, I doubt I would have thought that I’d give it a glowing review. Luckily for the Unisex Douche/Enema kit by Pipedream, my lack of foresight doesn’t make it any less of a quality product for all your orifice rinsing needs.  

Pipedream Unisex Douche/Enema ($18.99 US)

What: Douche/enema kit

Materials: Hard plastic, soft plastic

Power: None

Noise: None


  • Color: Blue / White
  • Tube Length: 4’
  • Nozzle Length: 3” (anal), 5.5” (vaginal)
  • Bag Volume: 2 liters

Set includes:

  • Folding douche bag (2 liters)
  • Threaded tube with tap
  • Suction cup wall mount hook
  • Vaginal attachment
  • Anal attachment


Turn ons

It looks pretty unassuming when it's all set up.

The $18.99 price point is a stellar price for what you’re getting. I took a quick look at our reviews partner Eden Fantasys and Amazon but couldn’t find a better price for something comparable.

With low priced sex toys that are made out plastic, you often find them to be nothing more than dollar store trinkets repackaged with a price markup. It was nice to see that all of Pipedream’s pieces were thick and sturdy. While the bag felt a little thin to my fingers, I pulled and tugged on the thing but never even felt like I was going to break it.

Although utilitarian in design, I got the distinct feeling that there was a lot of thought put into the product as a whole.

I enjoyed the how simple Pipedream’s enema/douche was to put together. I’ve seen plenty of other systems that have a bunch of pieces but this one has only three main pieces and two exchangeable nozzles. The entire thing takes less than 30 seconds to screw together and hang on its hook. It literally took longer to fill the large water bag than it did to put together, even before I realized there were instruction on the box.

When everything was ready to go, I was surprised by how secure the kit felt hanging on its own in the shower. Even with 2 liters of water in the bag and all my fidgeting, I never felt like it was in going to fall off/slide down the shower wall.

Insertion stuff into my butt is generally a hassle. It took me a couple of tries but once I figured out the right angles and such, I was able to get the nozzle in and out without any issues.

With things that go in your butt, it’s important to make sure they’re easy to clean. Since the entire system is make of different types of plastic, you only need soap and water to clean the entire thing. Even though the nozzle has some crevices where things could get trapped, I didn’t find it to be an issue. It also held no smell, even after multiple uses.

Turn offs

I found the anal nozzle to be a little short. I feel like it should be about the same length as the vaginal attachment (5.5”). It would make it easier to use for those of us with a decent helping of booty.


  • Use lube. If you’re going to use this in the shower, use silicone based lube.
  • Bending forward at the waist makes much it easier to insert.
  • Use your finger to guide nozzle. With the thinness of the anal nozzle, it helps to have your finger point to the right spot.

Bottom line:

Overall the Unisex Douche/Enema by Pipedream is a standout product. It had a lot of chances fail and be a throwaway product but it managed to not only be worthwhile value but a competitor with products twice its price. If you’re looking for something inexpensive that will introduce you to the wide world orifice cleansing and stick around for a while, this might be a great choice for you.

Review unit provided by Eden Fantasys

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