Tano vibrating plug by PicoBong - Review

The Tano vibrating plug by PicoBong is great but it's held back by a few major flaws.

With how much praise we heaped upon the Ako clitoral vibe from PicoBong, I was quite excited to pick up something I could use. Unfortunately, the well-designed, easy to use, perfectly-sized, reasonably-priced and great-feeling vibrating butt plug Tano by PicoBong is a bit of a sex toy time bomb.

Tano by PicoBong ($54.95)

What: Vibrating butt plug

Materials: Medical grade silicone and hard plastic

Body safe: 10/10

Power: 1 AAA battery (not included)

Noise: 1/10 (near silent when inserted)


  • Length: 4 1/2"
  • Insertable length: 3 3/4"
  • Circumference: 3 1/4"
  • Diameter: 1"
  • Weight: 1.15 oz
  • Waterproof
  • 1 year warranty

Turn ons:

Without a doubt, Tano by PicoBong is one well-made vibrating plug. From its high-grade materials to its easy to use controls, this toy is inspired.

I really enjoy the design overall, it’s sleek, slender and completely inoffensive to the eye. (That last one might sound a bit odd but it’s a huge compliment, trust me.) The controls are simple – as with all PicoBong stuff – there are just two buttons and switching between the 12 vibration patterns is pretty intuitive. The battery is easy to replace. You only have to twist the two pieces apart and pop it in.

Like all PicoBong products, Tano is made of high-quality and body-safe silicone and hard plastic. From the build quality, I feel like it will be durable and last a while. It’s easy to clean with just soap and water.. Plus, because it’s waterproof, you could soak it in a sanitizer if you’d like.

The size was just right for me. It’s slender and really easy to insert with just a little bit of lube. When it was in, I could tell that it was there but it didn’t give me that full feeling. It was different in a nice way; it allowed me to enjoy the vibrations alone, which is unusual.

The price is on the high-end of reasonable for a mid-range vibrating butt plug but I with that one year warranty and solid build quality, it’s a solid investment.

Will in use, I never felt like the plug would fall out; there was a definite feeling of security, even when I had it in while walking around my apartment. When I was ready for Tano to come out, it was easy due to the finger hole on one end of the long flared base.

The vibrations from the motor are powerful and penetrating at full power. It’s not as powerful as the Colt Prowler but the power it does have is used for a decent impact at the tip of the plug, which sits right on your prostate. Despite its power, it’s incredibly quiet.

Turn offs:

Every time I used the Tano, after about 15 minutes, it started to be a little uncomfortable. The flared, hard plastic base always pressed into my cheeks just a little too hard. After about 30 minutes, I had to take it out. I tried readjusting it a few times but at a certain point, I just couldn’t take it. Now – to be fair – I am a larger guy with a big ol’ ass so that may have something to do with it. I think this could be an easy thing for them to fix by making a thinner base with silicone instead of hard plastic.

There’s no rechargeable battery built-in, which I understand. But I feel like it couldn’t cost much to add one in and it would make everyone’s life so much easier. They could at least include one a non-rechargeable one in the box.

You have to take out the Tano to change the settings. I didn’t find this to be so much and issue myself but I have a feeling some other people might.

I found that stuff tends to get trapped in the logo that’s embossed on one side of the silicone head. That’s will make it more difficult to clean overall.


I’ve seen a few reviewers complain about the seam being sharp or uncomfortable but in my experience, I had no issues with it. I think those people probably had an issue with screwing the two pieces together; if it’s not perfectly aligned, there will be that edge. I just made sure line it up and everything was fine.

Bottom line:

While the Tano by PicoBong wasn’t a fit for me, I think it could do well for someone whose gluteus isn’t so maximus. It’s a stellar device – especially for the price. I doubt you’d be able to find another plug – in this price range – that offers you the same quality, style or fine-tuned performance.

Review unit provided by Eden Fantasys

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