The Benefits of Ben Wa Balls

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Ben Wa balls are spherical, weighted balls that a woman inserts into the vagina to strengthen PC muscles and enhance sexual pleasure. They are both practical and sexy – helping to prevent ‘pee and sneeze’ (urinary stress incontinence), relaxing the vagina for childbirth and toning it afterwards. As women age the vaginal muscles weaken so it’s important to exercise them regularly to prevent conditions such as prolapse. Ben Wa balls make this process easy, as they are designed to be worn while active. The Adult Toy Shop sells them in various sizes, materials and weights, with and without cord.  

Geishas and concubines in the Royal Courts wore Ben Wa balls during sex to enhance a man’s pleasure and for personal pleasure while sitting in a rocking chair (try it!). They used jade love eggs as a healing and feminine stone but the design and functionality of orgasmic balls has moved on, which makes them a lot of fun.

Couples’ Sex Toys

Ben Wa Balls are a fantastic couples’ sex toy and can be used for foreplay and power play games. Slip them in before sex and they will lubricate and sensitize the vagina. Your partner can tease you by gently tugging them out during oral or anal sex to enhance your orgasm. You can also wear a smaller pair during slow sex to stimulate his penis. They enhance all kinds of sex play and I recommend having several sets in different sizes and materials.

Getting started

Use the larger plastic or silicone duotone balls to begin with until the vaginal muscles have built up some resistance. Duotone balls sit low in the vagina and have a ‘ball within a ball’, which creates a pulling vibration as you move. They also have a string for easy insertion and removal.

Add some water-based lubricant and push them in one at a time leaving the string outside the vagina. This may be easier to do with one leg up on the toilet seat or bath. Wear them for up to half an hour to begin with and practice tensing and releasing. Gently pull the cord to remove them or bear down using the vaginal muscles and they will pop out. They work with gravity so cannot get lost in the body. Clean them with hot, soapy water and let them dry naturally. It’s best to store them in a case or pouch, as they tend to pick up dirt easily.

After a couple of months’ use you will notice a big difference in your muscle tone and orgasms and be able to do tantric tricks such as the Art of Pompoir (milking the lingam) more easily. I love the simplicity and naughtiness of Ben Wa balls – no one else knows you are wearing them and they keep you feeling tuned in and turned on. Just don’t forget to take them out at the airport, as they will set off the metal detectors. I recommend cycling, motorbiking and chair massage whilst wearing them too.

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