The Groove by Doc Johnson Review


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Every now and then, a sex toy comes across my bed that simply seems to do no wrong. Luckily for our guest reviewer and his boyfriend, The Groove by Doc Johnson is one of those toys.

The Groove by Doc Johnson is a 100% medical grade silicone anal probe. For those unfamiliar, an anal probe is a mash-up between a dildo and butt plug. They’re great for all sorts of anal play and this toy is no exception.

Because of the silicone material, The Groove is body safe, phtalate free and sexpert approved. It’s easy to clean with just soap and water or even boiling. I did have some concerns about bacteria getting trapped in signature of the base, but a boil should clean that out.

The toy is light and flexible, which is great for extended use. I also enjoyed the style and matte texture.

The Groove features a great graduated bead design. This will be great for anal beginners or anyone looking to play anal gymnastics.

Another great thing about The Groove is its $19.99 price, which is more than fair for such a quality toy. You can check out the product page on LTASEX sponsor EdenFantasys website. Enough of my vamping, let’s move on to our guest reviewer.

Hilary is a friend of mine from college. He is a 20 year-old pre-op trans-man who is dating an adorable hobbit-monkey creature of a bio-man. From what he tells me, The Groove is pretty damn awesome.

Here’s what he had to say:

This toy is definitely a great starter toy for those just beginning to experiment with anal play. The soft, flexible silicone material makes it easy and comfortable to use and is also super easy to clean afterwards. Also, unlike hard plastic toys, it forms to the user's body. It makes the toy feel a little more realistic and much more comfortable, which in-turn heightens your pleasure immensely.

The Groove is also incredibly durable. I was concerned that the toy might begin to tear after several uses; I tend to get a little rough with my toys. But I was proven very wrong as this toy is still holding up incredibly well.

Another plus, and probably my favorite part, is the nodes that progressively increase in size towards the base. This takes all the guess work out of where your pain/pleasure threshold is, which allows you to easily determine where your comfort zone lays. They allow you to ease into the experience and add size only when you are ready for it.

With the The Groove, I didn't have any issues with lubrication. I tend to need to constantly re-lubricate other toys throughout the session. But this toy seemed to hold strong to the lube. This is a major plus for me because I hate having to constantly stop and start, especially when I start getting into it.

The design of the toy is also very pretty. It comes in two colors, grey and blue and both look very cute, which I don't often get to say about sex toys. They have a slight, glittery, marbled sheen to them, making them very appealing to the eye.

The only issue I had while using The Groove was that it is sometimes a little too flexible. When I was first inserting it, the toy would flop around a little bit more than expected. This made it more difficult to get started. But once you get the first nodule in, it's smooth sailing from there on out.

I would easily recommend this toy to anyone who is curious about anal play. I believe it's a great beginning to adding a little variety to your bedroom life.

There you have it. The Groove by Doc Johnson is one strong, flexible, pretty, inexpensive, lube-holding, body-safe, easy-to-clean and downright awesome sex toy.

Until next time, keep it sexy.


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