"I keep getting hit on by gay dudes" (Sexpert Wisdom)


I keep getting hit on by gay dudes, and it really bothers me. I mean, I’m straight, why do they keep hitting on me? Any idea how I can stop having gay guys hit on me?


Wow, that must really suck to have people find you attractive and express interest in dating you. It must be harrowing to be constantly beating of the gays with a stick. It must feel almost like you’re an attractive lesbian woman who gets hit on by every straight man in sight.

Don’t they know that you’re straight? Can’t they see that gigantic neon sign you wear around your neck pronouncing your heterosexuality? What is wrong with them?

I jest, of course. But seriously, unless these guys are sexually assaulting you or literally knocking down your door to get a piece of your sweet heterosexual man flesh, I don’t really get your problem.

Being a moderately attractive human on a college campus means you’re going to get hit on. Every single one of those people are not going to rev your motor. At some point, you’ll have to turn down somebody that may find you attractive and want to go out. What difference does it make if they are a gay man or straight woman?

I get that a guy hitting on you can feel intimidating and may make you slightly uncomfortable. But, think about how it feels to be a woman in the same position.

On a daily basis they are dealing with gaggles of men staring at them like a piece of meat, hitting on them, and making lewd remarks in a attempt to woo them. At least you are a guy who could probably defend yourself if someone gets a little to grabby.

My advice to you is to get over it. Instead of asking me to fashion you a can of Gay-B-Gone, why don’t you figure out what about you is giving off the signal that you’re a single and looking gay man.  I highly doubt that these guys are hitting on you because they want the challenge of traversing Mt. Douche. They probably genuinely think that you are one of them, and how are they to know for sure but to ask?

I would also advise you to consider why getting hit on by a guy is aggravating to you. Are they getting touchy or are you simply to sensitive and a little homophobic?

You got a sexual query for me? Ask me here!

You got a sexual query for me? Ask me here!

You got a sexual query for me? Ask me here!

You got a sexual query for me? Ask me here!

You got a sexual query for me? Ask me here!

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