How can I get my swirl on? (Sexpert Wisdom)

I’m a white guy who likes girls of races. But, other than white girls, I don’t have any luck. I am kinda dorky looking and tend to live on the more pale side of life. But, does that mean that I’ll never be able to get my swirl on?


This has to be the funniest question I have received thus far. It’s both genuine and kind of adorable. I think it’s nice to see a person who finds beauty in all different types of people. It’s refreshing.

To answer your question… No, there is no reason that you being a dorky white guy should render you incapable of dating women outside your race.  Admittedly, it may make it more difficult to date women who are Black or Latin. That is because those sub-cultures tend to have more stringent ideas of what masculinity means and a dorky white guy generally is not it. But, that’s not to say that you’ll never be able to get your swirl on.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to expand their ethnic whorizons is to make race an issue. Most people from minority groups just want to be treated like everyone else. Therefore having some dorky white guy walk up to them with some corny line about how he has jungle fever or wants a little Asian persuasion would cause them to go cold, even if you’d been a sweet guy up to that point.

My advice to you is to keep trying. Eventually you have your Nubian goddess, or have someone calling you papi. Just aware of how you approach the topic of race. I would actually suggest that you not broach it at all, until they do. That way the discussion won’t seem like an attack, but just a simple conversation between two horny adults.


You got a sexual query for me? Ask me here!

You got a sexual query for me? Ask me here!

You got a sexual query for me? Ask me here!

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