Are Watersports Safe? (Sexpert Wisdom)

I know this is going to sound gross, but my boyfriend likes to pee on me. I think they call it water sports or golden showers or something like that. I used to hate the idea, but I tried it once and kind of liked it. My question is whether or not this is safe. I mean like can I get HIV or herpes from pee?


Good on you for being a bit adventurous.

The answer is no, you cannot catch HIV or herpes from urine. Urine is highly acidic, which makes it a terrible home for viruses and bacteria.  In fact, urine is sterile and safe to drink. But, there are some things that could contaminate the urine or bladder; a UTI or ulcer comes to mind most readily.

If you’re interested in keeping up these water sports of yours, it is a good idea to go for a check up to make sure both of  you are in tip top shape. If you get the green light from you medical professional, I say piss away.

Also, piss play is not gross. It's perfectly fine and quite normal. Be proud of your piss loving self.

You got a sexual query for me? Ask me here!

You got a sexual query for me? Ask me here!

You got a sexual query for me? Ask me here!

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