Crazy electrically spun nanofabric condoms are awesome


The condom as we know it may be heading out to pasture... hopefully.

You know, I’ve always thought that condoms were in need of a revolution. Besides a few changes in materials, it’s essentially the same invention from ancient times. Luckily scientists are working on that problem.


Kim Woodrow | University of WashingtonPopular Science recently announced that researchers at the University of Washington have developed a new condom that is nothing like the condom you have in your drawer. It’s made from “electrically spun nanofabric” and is made to dissolve in the vagina and release preventative drugs. Yes, they have made a condom that will dissolve but leave behind chemical contraceptives and antivirals.

They’re checking out how it can be used. There’s some thought about connecting it with vaginal rings for extended wear. Apparently there’s also a unique opportunity to build in more than one medication to prevent HIV or other STIs. They think it will help prevent the rise of drug-resistant strains of those infections.

I mean, wow.

This is the kind of thing that will help women around the world. Sure, you’ll be able to protect yourself in a new way.  But women in places where rape is common, HIV is prevalent and sexual health services are rare this will literally save lives.

They didn’t mention if this works rectally. But, if so, this would revolutionize sex as we know it.

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