How to get your genitals cleaned and ready for oral sex

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Lots of people love to be sucked and licked. Lots of people love to suck and lick. But I don’t know too many people who like smegma, loose pubic hairs or funky smells. These tips will help make sure the person who is licking or sucking you will enjoy it just as much as you.


Take a damn shower

Guys, use some soap and water to clean your cock and balls. Make sure to rub soap through the pubic hair, taint and crack. If you have foreskin, pull it back and wash underneath.

Gals, wash your vulva with non-irritating soap. Make sure to clean all crevices, keep soap out of the vaginal canal. Don’t douche!

If a mouth is heading towards your booty, make sure to follow the anal sex hygiene tips.


Take care of your bush

Wear your pubic hair how you want. But don’t make your caring sex partners wade through an untamed bayou of pubes. If you prefer all natural, run a comb through it or tug to get any loose hairs out. Make sure to get the balls, taint and any other surrounding areas.

If you trim or shave, make sure that stays manicured. Pubic stubble tends to be far more annoying than face/leg stubble.


Keep it clean

Don’t go adding perfumes or deodorants to any place you want someone to put their mouth. These cosmetics taste pretty nasty. Plus, dick/pussy should taste like dick/pussy. Half of the fun of putting one’s mouth on your genitals is the taste/smell combination that does such nice things to our brains.

Make sure to rinse a little bit longer in the shower to get off any soap residue.


Take a piss

Pee is useful in cleaning out your urethra, it’s highly acidic and sterile. If you pee prior to someone putting their face in your junk, it will get rid of any bacteria that may go into their mouths when you’re squirting all over the place.


A little sweat can be nice

This tip is for those who know their partners prefer the taste/smell of a sweaty body. Many people find it repulsive and it’s usually best to go with the fresh and clean smell.

After you’ve done everything above, try moving around a little bit to get your body sweating. If you have a really strong body smell, I wouldn’t try this tip. Then again, I’m not a big fan of body odor.

If you have a hard time sweating, try masturbation. It gets your body to perspire and makes you feel more confident. Both of those are good things when you’re trying to get banging. 

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