RIP LTASEX in The Eastern Echo

Although I didn’t talk much about it on here, I got LTASEX syndicated in my school’s student newspaper about five months ago.  Making that happen was a rather awesome moment for me. Unfortunately, that shining moment has come to an end. As of January 8, LTASEX is dead, in the pages of The Eastern Echo.

If I’m being fully, honest I knew this day was coming the moment my anal hygiene article caused such uproar. From the reaction of the mysterious “board” (they are the people over the paper) to that column, it was clear that their intention was to kill it. Sure they begrudgingly allowed it to continue, after objections from my boss, but there was no mistaking their single-minded desire to stop LTASEX from being printed.

Obviously, I’m livid. LTASEX is my baby and the principles behind this discussion/project are ones that I believe in whole-heartedly. Unfortunately, there’s no amount of anger that’s going to be productive in this particular situation.

Although I would like to fight to bring LTASEX back to the sexless pages of The Eastern Echo, I’m not sure that I have that much fight in me at the moment. Much to my dismay, I’m realizing that I may not, in fact, be Superman.

For the time being I’m going to let LTASEX in the Eastern Echo fade away. Besides my lack of fight, there are other ambitions I have that may be hindered by making this situation into a capital case. Call this a strategic move for the overall good.

I don’t have anything else to say at the moment. I just wanted to take continue my mission of full disclosure and share the news and few of my thoughts on what’s going on.

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