Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About: Anal Sex (Part 2)

 Everything else you wanted to know about anal sex.

Everything else you wanted to know about anal sex.

It’s odd how an attempt to answer a ton of questions at once leads to a rush of new questions on the same topic. That’s exactly what happened with last Monday’s “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Anal Sex” post. It’s not like I’m bitter or anything. I love answering your questions. So here you are, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Anal Sex Part 2.

Oh, don’t think we’re done. I know you have more questions, so keep asking! I’ll compile then into as many parts as you need.

Doesn’t anal sex cause permanent damage?

No. When done properly, ie using the tips I laid out all last week, anal sex will cause no more “permanent damage” than any other type of sex.

So it will bounce back when it stretches?

Yes! Ok look, your anus and rectum are very muscular. When you use muscles they become stronger and more flexible. In other words, getting fucked in the ass will make your ass more bionic. That is to say that you have the technology, you can make it better and stronger while being penetrated harder, and faster.

It is my personal theory that by not shoving things up your bum you’re doing your body a disservice.

What’s the best lube for anal play?

Boy Butter Original is best overall. Boy Butter H2O, is better for use with safer sex tools.

Can you suggest a good sex toy for anal beginners?

Um, duh! It’s this wonderful device we call a finger. If you’re just beginning, there isn’t a sex toy in the world that can beat the dexterity and strength of your own fingers. Unfortunately fingers don’t have 10 speed settings, which is why the next thing you should try is a traditional vibrator. Try to find a thin one so that you can use it on and in the anus. A thin one is not as visually intimidating plus it is very unlikely to cause discomfort.

If you are not fearful of a regular sized vibrator go for that instead. If you already have a vibrator of some sort, buy a glass dildo or butt plug. I say glass because of it’s incredibly smooth and you can use it with any kind of lube. The smooth part is most important. If you’re looking for a dildo, we have tested it Rainbow G and gave it a certified safety rating for it’s low cost, high quality and great looks.

Remember that if you’re looking for sex toys of any sort we have connections with Eden Fantasys (Coupon Code: SZZ gets you 15% off and helps support the site) and Smitten Kitten (Coupon Code: LTASEX gets you 20% off and free shipping). Shop smart.

Any toys or lubes I should stay away from?

Ah! I can’t believe I didn’t think to mention this, for shame.  

When it comes to toys stay away from anything that is not made of hard plastic, glass, or silicone. Because these toys may come in contact with fecal matter and blood, you cannot risk them being porous. Toys that have sharp edges or too many ridges/bumps can be very uncomfortable if not painful.

When it comes to lube, I strongly urge you to stay away from warming or cooling sensations. Admittedly, I am not really a fan of these in any capacity but when it comes to anal I flat out refuse. I have tried warming and cooling sensations, they both burn. Of course, you have to test these things out for yourself but it is my suggestion that you steer clear.

Should I shave my anus?

I’m not putting my face in your ass. Why are you asking me? You should be asking the person(s) who will be putting their face in your ass.

But since you asked, the answer is no. I do not think it is necessary to shave your anus. Also, unless you are incredibly bendy, shaving your anus will be the tasks of all tasks. You’ll have to get all the hair without nicking your sensitive anus. I say it’s simply not worth it. If it really matters then I suggest waxing over shaving.

But once again, I ain’t eating your ass. Ask someone who is. If no one is then do what you want. But I say don’t worry about it.

Why do you suggest wipes over toilet paper?

If you spill something thick on the floor there will be a residue if you don’t wipe it off with soap and water. When you wipe with toilet paper you may feel clean because your skin is dry but you’re leaving behind residue. That’s ok for normal use but when if someone is going to putting their face, hands or other appendages in that area it needs to be as clean and hospitable as possible. Wipes are a really easy way to make sure your booty is ready for its close up.

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